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Comparing the MyAir 5 and the E-zone

Comparing the MyAir 5 and the E-zone
July 15, 2016 Star Air Conditioning

Comparing the MyAir 5 and the E-zone | Star Air | Brisbane

Need help choosing between Advantage Air’s MyAir 5 and the E-zone? We’ve got you covered.


In this article, we look at the different benefits of these two air conditioning systems so you can see at a glance what works best for you. You’ll find out all about the stand out features including zoned temperature control, precise incremental airflow and Smartphone app integration. Read on to learn more!

MyAir 5 – The Ultimate Comfort Zone

We consider the MyAir 5 to be the market leader in air conditioning systems. Unlike all of its competitors, the MyAir 5 allows individual room temperatures and as a result, reduced running costs. It also eliminates the need for a secondary wall controller as every smart phone or device in the house acts as a wall controller. You can even activate the system remotely, i.e. when leaving the office on your way home.

Highlights of this system at a glance:

  • Independent room temperature adjustment from 5% -100%
  • Temperature control via smartphone app
  • Motion sensors to reduce airflow to empty rooms
  • A fixed 8-inch tablet that never needs charging
  • An easy to use interface
  • Check email, bring up recipes, listen to music, etc.
  • Download lighting, security, home automation apps
  • Made in Australia to withstand our particular climatic conditions


Watch the instructional video to see the MyAir 5 in action:

E-zone – Independent Zoning

The E-zone is basically an older version of the MyAir with less features. It doesn’t have temperature sensors, but has the option of adding them. This is a product which customers love because has many of the hi-tech features, but is cheaper than the MyAir 5. The E-zone divides your home into 10 zones, one for every room (based on the average family home having 10 rooms). You can manually control which rooms receive air conditioning to counter hot and cold spots. Exact air regulators control the airflow incrementally to maintain your set temperature energy efficiently as possible. With the E-zone app you can control the system from anywhere in the world or access the world from your E-zone tablet at home. The tablet is wired into the wall and always charged.

Highlights of this system at a glance:

  • 7-inch touchscreen tablet with internet access.
  • Practical interface with user-friendly graphics.
  • 10-zone room control.
  • Airflow adjustment to any room from 5% -100%.
  • E-Zone app integration for smartphones and tablets.


Watch the instructional video to see the E-zone in action:


To find the best deal on these and other air conditioners, contact Star Air Conditioning today and talk to someone about installing the latest air conditioning system in your home or workplace.

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