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Even the ones you haven’t thought of yet.

Over the years we’ve noticed common questions by new home buyers choosing air conditioning. What size is best? Do I need all these features? Is it easy to use? And there’s many more most haven’t thought of. This is because the brochure doesn’t always tell the full picture. So before you finalise your building plans, our showroom is open for you to choose from the best air conditioning products with the help of Brisbane’s most helpful experts.

We have split-systems to try and various ducted vents on the wall. Even digital touch panels for smart homes, because seeing everything in real-life can make your decisions so much easier. Book a free appointment with Star Air Conditioning and you’ll have our undivided attention to design and install the perfect temperature control for your new home.

Answers to the questions you haven’t thought about yet.

Price and cost are usually the first things on people’s mind. But settling with these questions means comprises you don’t even know about.  Instead, let’s uncover your real needs, and talking about the benefits you really want.

  • How does your home design affect running costs?
  • Will the ducting compromise the size of your kitchen?
  • Do you mind a cool breeze when you sleep?
  • Could more zones save you money in the long run?
  • What looks better in your home – wall or ceiling grills?
  • Do you want elegant design or innovative new features?


Come in with your builder and together we can help you design the perfect temperature control for your home.  With their knowledge of your plans and our expertise in matching air conditioning to your needs you’re guaranteed to leave with the best solution in Brisbane.


Knowing how cooling and heating integrates into the home is important.  Ducting layouts can half precious cupboard space.  A high heat load means you need bigger system.  So even before you build, designing air conditioning into your plans makes homes even more liveable.

Have a clear picture of what you’re buying

“I thought it was going to be more like this,” is a common response of someone who bought from a brochure or display home.  So don’t make the same mistake, come in for a demo instead.  Our experts will give you all the information you won’t find anywhere else.

would you like an appointment?

You probably have lots of questions, so let’s arrange a time to meet.  Request a appointment time and we’ll answer all your questions from installation to how to use it.

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