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Ducted Air Conditioning | Star Air Conditioning Brisbane

Ducted Air Conditioning

The ultimate cooling solution.

Benefits of ducted air conditioning

Cool your entire home

Zoned temperature control

Total Household Comfort

Discreet cooling solution

Smart Technology features

What is ducted air?

Complete household cooling

Ducted air conditioning is designed to cool your entire home. From every bedroom, to your living room, kitchen and study, you’ll be able to escape Brisbane’s sweltering summer heat. Ducted systems are also quiet, convenient, and easy to operate.

Discreet air conditioning for beautiful homes

A fully-ducted system is so discreet you’ll barely notice it’s there. The system requires only one outdoor unit to control the whole system, and inside the only evidence is small ducts in the ceilings or walls. Because of this, ducted air is often discussed when designing your new home, but can be retrofitted as well.

Zoned household cooling

Some systems give you complete control of the temperature for each ‘zone’ of the house. So if most of the family is in the lounge room watching the footy, you can focus more cool air there and not affect the rest of the house. These systems are so smart they can even automatically adjust the temperature when you enter or leave the room.

Installing Ducted Air Conditioning

A core part of our business is working with builders to specify and install ducted air conditioning in new homes. The best time to install is during the build because ducting is required to be run to every room that you want cooled, and a control unit installed in the ceiling. To discuss installing a ducted system in your home, we’re happy to give you a call.

  • Star Air Conditioning has proved to be flexible and gets the work done on time, and we definitely value they’re always leave a tidy worksite. His pricing is competitive, I like the way Andrew sets it all out.

    Iain Harris, Franchisee GJ Gardener Homes

  • We’ve built over 20 homes with Star Air Conditioning and I know we can trust them to always meet our program date. His quotations and assistance with information is always timely, usually by the next day.

    Darryl Meehan, Director Q Coast Homes

  • I’ve worked with Star Air Conditioning for many years and they've always been responsive and reliable. I’ve recommended Star Air Conditioning to other builders and would do so again.

    Mark Rodrigues, Director Rodrigues Development Group

  • I found out about Star Air Conditioning through a referral, and have been working with them for about 5-6 projects. We’ve always found them to be professional and efficient.

    Nick Madden, Director Groove Properties

  • Star Air Conditioning's work is impeccable and goes beyond meeting Australian standards. They take great pride in their work and the quality of the finish.

    Dwain Labuschewski, Hezzelic Homes

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