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MyLights: The convenient add-on to MyAir that builder’s customers will love

MyLights: The Convenient Add-on to MyAir that Builder’s Customers will Love
September 30, 2016 Star Air Conditioning

MyLights is the new lighting system designed by Advantage Air that adds convenience and contemporary fittings to any newly built home, as a compatible add-on to MyAir.


MyLights is a smart LED lighting system controlled by touch screen from smartphone and tablet, so that lights can be controlled both inside and outside of the property.

Building a modern home

Building a new home for a client is about personalising their needs into the overall design. The 21st century is all about interconnectivity, and never has this been more important than in the home; the hub of all activity. Convenience is key, and Star Air Conditioning is here to assist builders in catering to their client’s busy lifestyles through providing MyAir and MyLights installation services.

Why new homeowners want MyLights

MyLights uses technology to facilitate comfort, security and control. The homeowner has the ability to switch all lights on and off in their home with the MyPlace app installed on their smartphone and tablet.

MyLights: The convenient add-on to MyAir that builder’s customers will love
Photo by Advantage Air


Here’s a few talking points to set the scene when talking about the MyLights system…

Tailored to your individual needs
The homeowner can customise their lighting according to mood and occasion by dimming or brightening different collections in the same or separate rooms.

Saving energy and money
MyLights use LED lights, which are much more efficient than halogen lights. MyLights allows you to control lighting in unused rooms efficiently. The MyEco setting dims all lights to 80% brightness, a percentage barely noticeable from full wattage, but which drastically drops the prices of energy bills.

MyLights is an affordable add-on to any existing MyAir system. MyLights and MyAir are fully compatible and can also be sold as a convenient package to be installed in new homes.

Optimum convenience

Remote control lighting is easy to use and provides the best time management possible that helps de-stress life. Homeowners can shut all lights off with the tap of a button when they are leaving their house. They can also customise a welcome home lighting setting so that they never have to enter their homes in the dark. Watching a movie and there’s a glare on the screen? They can dim the lights from the comfort of the couch.

How we can help you help your clients

New homeowners are excited about the prospect of their freshly built home. Tailoring their home to their individual needs is a great way to increase their satisfaction with your services. Direct your clients to our showroom and we will help you manage your client’s needs by showing them the latest air conditioning and lighting technology available for their Connected Smart Home.

The benefits of using Star Air Conditioning

At Star Air Conditioning we pride ourselves on personalised communication and respect between business owners. We want your customers to be satisfied with your services so that you can be satisfied with ours. We provide no-fuss installation services that improve your customer’s home experience. Our team are dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable and keen to work with you on your next project… and the many others that follow! Contact us today to inquire into our services and see what we can do for you, and your customers.

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