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Cleaning & Maintaining your Split System

Cleaning & Maintaining your Split System
December 15, 2015 Star Air Conditioning

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If you are coughing, sneezing, wheezing, or have dry or irritated eyes while your split-system air conditioner is on, it may be time for some maintenance.

Here are four easy tips for maintaining and cleaning your split system!

Surface Cleaning

Start by cleaning the surface of the split system, in particular, the louvers that direct where the air is blown. Wipe down the dust and dirt caught both on the louvers and also on the surface of the split-system. You can use a brush and a damp cloth.

Checking Filters

As the air gets drawn through the unit, impurities like dust and dirt get caught within the filters. On a standard split-system, the grill on the front flips up or down to reveal two mesh panels. These are the filters, and depending on how long it has been since you last checked them, they may be very dusty or dirty. You can even hose them out or use your household vacuum with the brush attachment.

Once you have pulled out the dirty filters, you can now need to clean them, and all you will need is a hand brush. Clean the mesh panels until all the grime is off, then pop the filter back into the split system. There are also a series of soaps and detergents you can use for cleaning any difficult filters.

Clean and Inspect the Condenser

Make sure that there is no plants or debris surrounding the condenser that may be contributing to the dust and dirt of your air conditioner. Once that is done, you can quickly clean the grill on the condenser clearing any dust and dirt caught. You can use a dust brush for this.

Check the Remote

Run through all the settings of the air conditioner to see if the split-system and remote are performing. This includes turning the split system on and off from a distance. Battery life is usually around three months so you may need to replace batteries. A dead giveaway to a flat, or near flat, battery will be from a faded display on your remote.

Presto! There it is. Four easy tips for maintaining and cleaning your air conditioner. However, if you have any problems with your split-system and finding it underperforming even after cleaning, then it may be time to get a pro to come in and take a look.

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