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MyLights: the best safety feature for your home

MyLights: the best safety feature for your home
December 13, 2016 Star Air Conditioning

When things go bump in the night or after returning home late from an evening out, imagine being able to illuminate your home with the touch of a button to chase away the shadows.

With MyLights, the new smart LED lighting system from Advantage Air, you can do just that. You get instant peace of mind and feel safer in your surroundings.

Security and convenience

Good home security is becoming essential these days, and if you have a family, it’s doubly important. Luckily, technological advancements in home lighting systems are moving forward, allowing us extended control of our home security.

MyLights connects with your Smartphone, or an internet enabled tablet that’s wall mounted (usually in the kitchen, the central hub of the home). With the MyPlace app, you have the power to control every light in your home, both indoor and outdoor.

Keeping your home safe when you’re at home and away

Freeing up the ability to turn lighting on and off, and transferring it to a Smartphone app is incredibly liberating. It means you don’t have to be standing right next to a light switch.

With MyLights you can be more comfortable upon entering your home at night by turning on your lights before you leave work or from your car in the driveway. You can even turn them on when you’re overseas to make it look like you’re at home when you’re actually hundreds of miles away on holiday.

MyLights is customisable so you can set it up to turn on all the lights instantly in your home with a touch of one button before you enter. Or you can group sets of lights that you may find useful for night use. For example, you may wish to turn on the lights in the courtyard outside if you hear something in the early hours and want to check it out without waking the rest of the household.

Is MyLights affordable?

While there is an initial outlay to install MyLights, the system costs a lot less than other smart lighting options. Since MyLights uses LED lights, you will reduce your energy consumption by up to 80%. It also has a MyEco function that subtly dims your lights to 80% brightness. When this is used, it makes even more of a difference to your power bill.

MyLights works with MyAir

Why just stop at lighting? For even more convenience MyLights has been designed to seamlessly integrate with MyAir ducted reverse cycle air conditioning on the same MyPlace touch screen and Smartphone app. Not only can you walk into a brightly lit home, but you can also enjoy one that’s cool in summer and warm in winter. Now that’s smart thinking!

Contact Star Air Conditioning to find out more about MyLights and MyAir home automation systems today.

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