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Box System Maintenance

Box System Maintenance
January 19, 2016 Star Air Conditioning


While we haven’t installed box air conditioners in years, many still exist in Australian homes. If this sounds like you, then ensuring it’s clean will help you get the best efficiency.

We take a look at a few easy steps to cleaning your box air conditioner.

Welcome to summer! Warm days and warm nights make the opportune time to use your air conditioner. However, is your air conditioner still performing well, and when was the last time you checked it? We have some easy tips and tricks to testing and maintaining your air conditioner.

All you need to test your box uni is a thermometer. Firstly, turn your air conditioner on and let it cool the room for at least 15 minutes. While that is happening, measure how cool the room is with the thermometer. Once the air conditioner has been switched on for at least 15 minutes, place the thermometer where the cool air is blowing out and get a measurement. If the difference is greater than 8 degrees then it’s running fine, but if it isn’t, then it may be time to clean your box unit!


Clean or replace air filter

On most models, the air filter is easily accessible by removing the front panel. Remove the filter and inspect whether it can be cleaned or not. If you can clean it, start by dusting the filter with a hand brush. Once that is done, use a combination of warm water, soap and vinegar to remove excess dirt. If your filter has holes, tears or other damage, it should be replaced.

Inspect and clean coils

Over time, dust and dirt will tend to build up on the condenser coils hindering your box unit’s ability to generate consistent cool air. To access the coils you will need to pull the cabinet completely off and, using an air hose, you will need to blow the dust and dirt off. Use a soft brush such as an old toothbrush and a spray bottle of household cleaner to wipe off any difficult dirt or dust. Be careful not to bend the coils! If you do, however, it’s possible to purchase cheap fin combs to straighten out the fins.

Check for insect nests

Box air conditioners provide the perfect place for insects to form nests. In particular, wasp and bees’ nest! Good luck – you’re on your own for this one.

Check the remote control

If you have a remote control with your box unit, take the time to run through the settings to see if everything is working correctly. The most common problem with remote controls is battery life, as batteries only have an expected 3-month life. A dead giveaway to a flat battery is a faded display.

And that’s it – you are set for another year! If you find that your box unit is still not generating sufficient cool air, then there may be another problem such as struggling or old compressor and you may need a professional to check it out.

For professional advice or enquiries, contact Star today!

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