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Commercial Air Conditioning – Servicing Sheet Metal Ducts

Commercial Air Conditioning – Servicing Sheet Metal Ducts
November 7, 2015 Star Air Conditioning


The best way to maintain your Duct Air Conditioner is through a cleaning process that removes all the dust, dirt and debris that has been collected from your system. Here are three different ways to do it!

Having a dirty Duct Air Conditioner can reduce it’s efficiency and increase your power consumption. It can also cause contamination of the air. Here are three ways of cleaning your Duct Air Conditioner.

Contact cleaning

You can do this one yourself without too much assistance. An everyday vacuum cleaner can be used to clean dust, dirt, and debris from inside the ducts. But, due to the length of the vacuum hose, you will be limited to how much you can actually clean.

Air sweep cleaning

This style of cleaning uses a larger vacuum cleaner with compressed air. The compressed air separates dirt, dust, and debris from the walls of the ductwork where the vacuum collects the air-borne particles. Air Sweep Cleaning is a thorough and time-consuming method of cleaning the ducts, and best left to a professional.

Mechanical brush cleaning

Thought to be the most effective method – A Mechanical Brush Cleaning method consist of a vacuum and a rotary brush. The rotary brush scrapes and loosens dirt, dust and debris from the walls of the ductwork, and the vacuum collects the airborne particles.

It is suggested you should clean and check your system every 2-3 years so your Ducted Air Conditioning system is running smoothly and no leakages are present.

Haven’t had your system cleaned lately? Call Star Air Conditioning today!

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