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MyLights: the convenience of lights controlled via smartphone

MyLights: the convenience of lights controlled via smartphone
September 29, 2016 Star Air Conditioning

Mylights is the new lighting system designed by Advantage Air and it makes controlling the lights in your house – both while at home and when you’re away – super easy and convenient!

Already familiar with Advantage Air’s MyAir system? You’re going to LOVE their Mylights system, which works on the same principals of comfort, convenience and security and, better yet, is fulling compatible with MyAir.

Let’s take a look at the key features of MyLights:

Control your lights from your customised wall mounted tablet

The MyLights system includes an 8-inch Android colour tablet that mounts on the wall in your home. Its main feature is the MyPlace app, which controls all of the lighting in your house. The MyLights tablet is your hassle-free, in-house point of call to all of your lighting needs. If the kids have hijacked your smartphone to play games, you can even browse Facebook, check emails and organise the family calendar from your tablet. It is your permanent access point that never needs to be charged. All you need is your home wi-fi enabled. Search compatible routers here.

MyLights angled tablet

Control your lights from your smartphone

Ever find yourself flapping around the house in a hurry before work, switching off all the lights? Slow your mornings down to a stress-free routine with the tap of your smartphone screen as you close the front door. Forget to switch off the bedroom light and you’re already comfortable in bed? Just tap the light off button on your phone. The MyPlace App also allows you to control all the lighting in your house from your smartphone (compatible with Apple iOS7+ and Android v4.1+).

MyLights iphone MyPlace

The MyPlace App: Intuitive Navigation

The MyPlace App’s home screen has three main buttons.


We’ve all had late nights at the office. Getting home in the dark can sometimes be unnerving, but with MyWelcome you can customise the lighting you want turned on for your homecoming. Tap the MyWelcome button in your MyPlace App on your smartphone, from the comfort of your car, so you can enter your home safely and with peace of mind.


Leave your house quickly and conveniently by tapping the MyGoodbye button in the MyPlace app, turning off all your lights at once. You can customise this feature to suit your individual needs and edit at any time. All lights off with the tap of a button – no more racing back inside to switch off the bathroom light!


You won’t need to dread finding your power bill in the mail anymore with the use of MyEco. When you hit the MyEco button it automatically dims all lights to 80%, actively reducing your power bill with little difference in vibrancy.


Your favourites section on your home screen lists your most used lights based on usage habits so that they are easily accessible and tailored to your specific needs.

Get Creative

Each set of lights can be accessed separately to dim or brighten according to taste. Need mood lighting for a romantic dinner? Ambience for casual drinks with friends? MyLights has you covered with their fully customizable lighting system. If you find exactly the right balance of lighting for a particular event, for a certain room, save it to your scenes tab to transform your space whenever you need to!

MyLights inside lighting

More Advantages

MyLights is an Australian made product with a five-year warranty. It uses LED lighting to save on energy and is fully compatible with Advantage Air’s MyAir smart system. Read more about MyAir here, and how these two products complement the contemporary, connected home.

Building a connected home?

Contact us to discuss installation of MyAir and MyLights systems today!

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