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Product Review: My Air Series 5

Product Review: My Air Series 5
October 22, 2015 Star Air Conditioning


Advantage Air have recently released their Australian-made MyAir Series 5. It’s a ducted air conditioning solution, and it does so much more than just zoning rooms and controlling the temperature. We take a look at the My Air Series 5 and what it can do!

Comfort is feeling totally in control

The MyAir Series 5 system is made in Australia by the Perth-based company, Advantage Air. This innovative piece of technology includes an 8 inch tablet for the home that controls and zones your home air conditioning.  It also doubles as an Android tablet and lets you Facebook, email, watch videos, and follow recipes while in the kitchen. The MyAir Series 5’s WiFi tablet mounts on the wall of your house and is connected to your power – so you never need to charge this technology.

Some of the features include

10 Zones

An average home has ten rooms. However all ten rooms rarely need to be cooled at the same time – only the ones you are using.  From the tablet you can control which rooms you want to receive air conditioning and how much. Keep Air Conditioning running in the comfort zones and keep the costs down!

Individual room temperature control

You can now eliminate hot and cold spots in your room. MyAir lets you adjust the airflow to any room from 5% to 100%. It doesn’t stop there, if you want even more control to precise temperatures upgrade to temperature sensors in each room.

Motion Sensors (optional)

If you choose the option to upgrade to motion sensors, you’ll also keep your energy bills more comfortable by automatically reducing the airflow to empty rooms. After ten minutes the MyAir detects that an individual has left a room the temperature is adjusted by 1 degree. After 20 minutes, there is a 2 degree adjustment. So automatically this automated system can save up to 20% of power bills!

MyAir App

Wait! Don’t throw out your iPhone or tablet. You can turn your smartphone and tablet into a secondary wireless remote control by downloading the MyAir App. Get comfortable and control the system wherever you are.

Australian made

The MyAir series 5 is Australian made, built to withstand Aussie conditions; Brisbane summer, Hobart winter, or all four seasons in one Melbourne day. The MyAir Series 5 has a 10-year warranty on all ducting and mechanical components. And a 5-year warranty on electronic controls.

Compressor Compatibility

Don’t feel restricted to a certain brand. Advantage Air use the best Air conditioners tailored for the Australian climate. The MyAir Series 5 works with Daikin, Fujitsu, LG, Samsung, Panasonic and Toshiba Air conditioners.

Advantage Air have been in the business for 25 years designing, manufacturing and distributing innovative ducted air-conditioning systems that withstand the extreme Australian climate. The MyAir Series 5 showcases innovation while highlighting ease of use for any user.

This technology is cutting edge within the Australian market and worth checking out if you are looking to build or upgrade. Star Air Conditioning regularly installs Advantage Air products for residential builders and homeowners. For more info check out their new product video or make an inquiry.

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