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How To Clean Your Air Conditioning Filter

How To Clean Your Air Conditioning Filter
August 29, 2016 Star Air Conditioning

Ah, the sweet relief of a cool home after a long, sweaty day in the hot sun. It’s perfection, isn’t it?

Now imagine spending all day playing football or doing construction work in the summer and arriving home to a sticky, muggy, and hot house. Not so nice, right?

Yeah, we didn’t think so. But that’s what will happen if you don’t clean your air conditioning filter regularly.

You’ll be hot, irritated, and dripping in sweat. Not to mention:

  • the strain it will cause on your air conditioner,
  • your ridiculously high energy bills, and
  • your poor indoor air quality.

Did you know that blocked air conditioning filters can reduce airflow by up to 50%!

But this isn’t breaking news. Everyone knows they should clean their air conditioning filter more often. So let’s just get right down to it, shall we? No more procrastinating! Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1:

If you have a split system, pull your filter out carefully, making sure that you don’t damage the vent behind it. Once you’ve removed your filter, you can rinse it under the tap or submerge it in a bucket of half water and half white distilled vinegar.

If you have a ducted system, unscrew your retaining nut and pull the frame downwards. Then, carefully slide your filter free from the frame and use your garden hose to wash all of the dust off.

Step 2:

If it’s been awhile since you last cleaned your filter — which, let’s face it is every time you clean your filter — you may want to use a little dishing washing liquid and a soft brush to really get the dirt out. Then, shake off any excess water and leave it to dry naturally.

Step three:

Once your filter is completely dry, we recommend going over it once more with a vacuum cleaner or handheld ‘dust buster’ to clean up any of the remaining dust. Then just simply snap it back into place (split system) or reinstall it on the filter grill, close the frame and screw back together (ducted system).

How often should you clean your filter?

The average filter should be cleaned at least every three months, ideally more often during summer. However, if you have pets or allergies, we recommend cleaning your filter at least once a month. Airflow is critical to the effectiveness of your air conditioner and clogged up filters can become a real problem if they are left unattended for more than six months at a time.


Did you forget to clean your filters? Your air conditioner seen better days? Don’t worry! To find the best deal on a new air conditioner, or to talk to someone about installing the right air conditioning system for your home or workplace, contact Star Air Conditioning today.

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