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Latest Ducted Air Conditioning Models

Latest Ducted Air Conditioning Models
May 5, 2016 Star Air Conditioning

Latest Ducted Air Conditioning Models

Find a smarter way to keep warm this winter. From motion sensors to inverter technology, sleep timers, automatic restart, and improved air flow, we take a look at what the latest ducted air conditioning models are offering today!

1. Panasonic Inverter Technology

Panasonic recently released a new range of reverse cycle ducted air conditioning models with inverter technology. With eight different size options spanning between a small 6.0kW system to a larger 14.0kW system, the range was designed with flexibility and space-saving in mind. The intelligent inverter feature allows you to cool and heat your home with less energy and reach your desired temperature at a much faster rate.

With increased efficiency, a longer lifespan, and the ability to vary the rotation speed of your compressor, the inverter range offers precise power control and superior comfort. Other impressive features of the new ducted range include:

  • Room zoning
  • Automated comfort with weekly timers
  • Quiet operation
  • Designed specifically for Australian conditions
  • Sensor technology
  • Five years full parts and labour warranty

2. Fujitsu High Static Single Phase Ducted System

Late last year, Fujitsu announced the release of three new high static single phase ducted air conditioning systems (ARTG45LDTA, ARTG54LDTA, and ARTG60LDTA). With significant energy efficiency improvements and a refined airflow design, the new range was designed to deliver greater comfort and lower noise levels. Some of our favourite features of the new Fujitsu ducted air conditioning models include:

  • Automatic airflow adjustment
  • Weekly and sleep timer
  • Filter cleaning alert sign
  • Bluefin outdoor unit treatment
  • Automatic power restart after power outage

3. Daikin Premium Inverter Ducted Series

Daikin’s new premium inverter series offers superior energy performance and design flexibility. With improved refrigerant control technology and a DC fan motor with up to 15 different settings, the premium inverter series was engineered to deliver outstanding performance. Thanks to a high-pressure dome construction, Daikin’s new compressors are also quieter and more efficient than conventional compressors. Other awesome features of the new premium inverter series include:

  • Room zoning
  • Low noise operation
  • Intelligent defrost
  • Night set mode
  • Automatic airflow adjustment
  • Anti-corrosion coating


If you’re interested in learning more about installing the latest ducted air conditioning system in your home or workplace, contact Star Air Conditioning today!

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