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Latest Air Conditioning Models: Try them first at Star Air Conditioning

Latest Air Conditioning Models: Try them first at Star Air Conditioning
November 19, 2016 Star Air Conditioning

Star Air Conditioning’s model showroom is officially open!

When building your perfect new home, it’s only fitting you should complement it with perfect temperature control.

Experience the best A/C has to offer at the new Star Air Conditioning showroom at 1/12 Lucy St, Moorooka.

We are open from 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday, or by appointment, and are happy to answer any questions you have during the demonstration!

What does this mean? 100% customer satisfaction. Why? Because you get to try out four different air conditioning systems, have all features demonstrated and explore new technology, so you can decide on exactly the right system for you and your family!

Upon visiting Star’s showroom, you will be shown the latest cutting edge air conditioning systems and features by our friendly staff.

Split Systems

If you’re living in a small apartment or looking for a way to cool a single room, then be sure to trial our two favourite split systems. We think they’re top of the line, which is why we are eager to show you what they can do!

Daikin L Series
When you’re visiting our showroom, explore the following features, which sets the L Series apart from other split systems of its kind.

  • 24 hour, weekly timer for ultimate customisation to suit your lifestyle
  • 3D airflow to reach all the nooks and crannies of your room
  • Econo mode to save on your next energy bill
  • Standby power function so that you aren’t wasting electricity
  • Intelligent Eye to alter temperatures according to room usage
  • Inverter technology to automatically adjust airflow to maintain a constant temperature
  • DC Fan Motor for more power at lower running costs
  • Asthma-friendly for peace of mind

Daikin Zena
If you’re looking for a stylish split system that won’t interrupt the decor of your home, then you’ll love the look of the Daikin Zena. Check out these features while you’re admiring its external sleekness.

  • Deodorising air purification to break down odours and absorb bacteria for a cleaner home
  • Dry program function that detects and reduces humidity
  • Powerful control for that extra burst of intense air needed to immediately cool down a hot room
  • Advanced louvre design so that the air is spread evenly about the room, and not drafting in one area


10Kw Daikin ducted air system
Experiencing ducted air conditioning before you buy is a must! We guarantee that chatting to our professional and experienced staff will assist you in making the right decision based on the features of your home. Come prepared with information on how many rooms your house has, their usage and the lifestyle habits of your family to get the most out of the advice our staff has to offer.

A couple of things to really look out for whilst trialling the Daikin ducted air system include:

  • Airflow to all reaches of the room
  • Quietness levels of ventilation
  • Shape and size of grills, and how they would look with your home decor
  • Standby functions

Advantage Air’s latest smart home technology

Don’t forget to ask about zoning and trending home automation technology! We enjoy showing our customers how to get the most out of their homes and utilise technology in the process.

MyAir is a zoning technology that allows you to fully customise your air conditioning remotely via your smartphone or by using a wall mounted tablet in your home. Never come home to a stuffy house again! Simply turn on your air conditioning as you leave work so that you can enjoy your evening in immediate comfort.

MyLights is the sister program to MyAir and controls the lights in your home. It too is fully customisable and compatible with MyAir – you can even operate it from the same smartphone app and tablet!

Need to dim the lights for a movie? Don’t get up! Just do it on your smartphone, from the couch. Save your favourite lighting combinations and even program a welcome home function so that you can always enter your house in the safety of a well-lit porch!

So why wait? Come and visit us at 1/12 Lucy St, Moorooka, or give us a call right now on (07 )3342 4316.

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