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Home Automation Trends

Home Automation Trends
September 29, 2016 Star Air Conditioning

Looking to build a home worthy of the 21st Century? We’ve checked out some seriously cool devices to get you started. First step, smart home, second step, world domination!

Smart technology is prevalent in everyday life – phones, watches, tablets and cars. Smart technology in the house, however, is now going beyond your TV and gaining traction in all aspects of home life. We put together a list of groundbreaking new devices tailored specifically with Brisbane’s climate and lifestyle in mind, and we think they will wow you as much as they did us!

MyAir – air conditioning controlled by your smartphone.

MyAir integrates with most major air conditioning brands. It allows you to control your aircon temperatures via your smartphone, even when you aren’t at home. Want to come home to a cool house after a stifling Brisbane summer’s day? Just tap a button in the MyPlace app on your smartphone, from work and set the correct temperature.
MyAir also allows you to control how much air reaches each room. Better still, individual temperature control will adjust temperature to maintain your selected setting, perfect for those rooms that are hit by the afternoon sun.

MyLights – lighting controlled by your smartphone.

The MyLights add-on is fully compatible with MyAir. Control all the lighting in your house through your smartphone. Great for those busy mornings when you can turn off all the lights with a tap of your phone screen as you shut the front door, instead of frantically running back inside to switch off the bathroom light.

All lighting is fully customisable – dim the lighting on the deck to create ambience for a dinner party, brighten the lights after a movie to find all that popcorn stuffed in the couch cushions. Energy efficient and super convenient, you can even save ‘scenes’ in your settings if you find the perfect dim to bright ratio that the kids need to sleep.

MyLights iphone MyPlace

Robomow – a lawn mower that will do all the work for you!

Ever wanted chores like mowing the lawn to be a bit more like playing video games and overall more fun? The Robomow allows you to control your lawn mower from you smartphone, steering and controlling like a remote control car.

If you want a less hands on approach however, you can set the Robomow to auto and it will cut your lawn evenly within your laid out parameters. Sit back and enjoy the summer sun whilst your Robomow keep your yard pristine!

August Smart Lock – lock all your doors via your smart phone.

Keep track of who is entering and leaving your home with this locking device controlled by your smartphone. You can create personalised ‘keys’ for family and friends and keep track of the activity log via the August Home App.

Each time you leave the house the door locks automatically behind you for peace of mind, and unlocks as you approach – no more fumbling with keys in the dark!

Grant access to guests for particular periods of time – hours, days, weeks or even minutes! You can delete access at any time. It’s obvious why this brand is a huge hit for Airbnb hosts.

August Doorbell Cam – answer your door from anywhere.

Augusts’ range of compatible accessories allows you to fully control your locking system externally. The August Doorbell Cam allows you to answer your door from anywhere. Waiting for an important package to be delivered but you’re at work? No worries! You’ll be alerted when someone rings your doorbell, and can even video chat with them, allowing them access to your house for mere minutes to deliver your package securely. You’ll never have to pick up from the post office again!

Nest Protect – the thoughtful smoke alarm

How many times have you ripped your smoke alarm from the wall because it won’t stop beeping? Nest Protect warns you verbally when smoke is detected so burning toast can be fixed without any annoying chirping. The best feature is the ability to silence the alarm via your smart phone. No more waving tea towels at the roof!

Many people end up ditching their smoke alarms because they are faulty or haven’t been checked consistently. Nest Protect is the thoughtful smoke alarm that regularly checks its own batteries, sensors and audio daily and unobtrusively, before you go to bed.

Star Airconditioning specialise in installing Advance Air’s MyAir and MyLights systems into new and existing homes. Contact us today with an inquiry or for a quote.

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