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Modern features to include in your new home

Modern features to include in your new home
December 4, 2016 Star Air Conditioning

Convenience is key in this busy day and age, so a smart home air conditioning and lighting system is a big plus.

A smart system means you can control your air conditioning via a smartphone, from the office, car or the gym. For added peace of mind and security, you may choose to control your lighting in the same way. We highlight the benefits of two modern features, MyAir and MyLights, that you can include in your new home for the ultimate in ease, comfort and safety.


MyAir is an advanced air conditioning management system that works with major brands of air conditioners, such as Samsung, Daikin, Fujitsu, LG and Panasonic, to make air flow control around your home a breeze. Your home becomes the ultimate comfort zone all year round thanks to Individual Temperature Control (ITC) sensors that adjust the airflow automatically.

More benefits of MyAir:

Touchscreen tablet – The entire MyAir system is controlled by a Android tablet that is mounted to the wall so it never goes missing. From the tablet you can also surf the net, play music and pay your bills. You can also access MyLights from the same tablet.

Smartphone app – MyAir has its own app that you can access from your Smartphone or iPad when you’re away from home. The app is compatible with both Apple and Android.

Option of motion sensors – As well as individual temperature sensors for certain rooms you have the option of installing motion sensors which adjust the temperature of a room if it has been empty for 10 minutes. A great energy saving (and money saving) feature.


MyLights is an Australian made LED lighting system that lets you control the lights in your home from either a wall mounted tablet or remotely from your Smartphone. It is energy efficient and provides both security and convenience; you can turn your lights on from work or your car before you get home or when you’re away on holiday.

More benefits of MyLights:

Adjust your lighting and air con from one tablet – MyLights and MyAir both use the same wall mounted tablet so you can adjust your lighting and your air con on the same touchscreen. It doubles as an Android tablet with other apps and internet browsers.

Smartphone app – A customisable app that you can set up to turn groups of lights on or off with the touch of a button. This is handy for quick access to your lights when things go bump in the night or if you’re rushing out the door.

Create mood lighting – Adjust lighting levels if you want to create an intimate mood at dinner or dimness for a movie screening. You can save these to your ‘scenes’ for later use if you find the perfect atmosphere!


Contact Star Air Conditioning today to find out if the MyAir and MyLights home automation systems are right for your home.

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