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Split Systems & Multi Head Systems

Split Systems & Multi Head Systems
November 18, 2015 Star Air Conditioning


Split systems are designed for only one room. However, multi-head systems are designed to cool several rooms depending on what capacity the inverter is.

But how do these compare to other products, and is it for you?

Split systems are designed to cool only one room, whereas the multi-head unit is essentially several split systems running out of a single multi-head system. In the past, many homeowners have chosen to build their house with multi-head split systems as it gives them the option to control how many wall units to install depending on the homeowner’s budget.

Below are the benefits and drawbacks to either a split system or multi-head system.


  • Individual room and air flow control (some duct units don’t provide the option to limit the airflow in rooms).
  • Initial cost is cheaper.
  • Replacement costs lower.
  • More affordable, as you can add on to the system that your budget allows.


  • Unattractive split system wall mount(s) and outdoor inverter.
  • Unattractive cables and tubes required may be visible.
  • More expensive running cost compared to Duct systems if you are using in all areas of the house.

A split system requires an inverter to sit outside to offset the air, and a wall-mounted Air Conditioner to deliver air to parts of the house. A multi-split head system requires the same, however the difference is that the inverter can power more than one wall-mounted air conditioner. Brands like Mitsubishi, Daikin and Panasonic make inverters to hold up to a total of eight wall mounted air conditioners.

If you want the option to only provide air conditioning in a few rooms like the bedrooms, then a split system, or depending on how many rooms there are, a multi-head system may be for you. However, if you are looking to cool the whole house then it may be an idea to look past the multi-head system and look at Ducted Systems.

We understand that there may be a few ideas going on through your head. If you need help, a quote or advice on choosing a split system or multi-head system then contact us today!

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