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Best New AC Features for Tackling Brisbane’s Heat

Best New AC Features for Tackling Brisbane’s Heat
March 18, 2016 Star Air Conditioning

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With technology on the rise and home appliances constantly improving, it’s no surprise that modern air conditioners have stepped up their game too.


From motion sensors to mobile apps and self-cleaning capabilities, we take a look at some of the latest technology on the market this year.

Advanced Humidification Control

Brisbane’s humidity can ruin any BBQ and turn a good old Aussie get-together into a real mess pretty quickly. With advanced humidification technologies, modern air conditioners, like Daikin’s US7 and Samsung’s Smart Series, can reduce the humidity in your home without decreasing the temperature. Say goodbye to sweaty guests and muggy Friday night football!

The Intelligent Eye

Tired of paying for the electricity your air conditioner uses when you’re not even in the room? Wish your air conditioner would stop blowing air directly in your face? With Daikin’s new intelligent eye feature you can save power and automatically direct the airflow towards you or away from you. The two-area intelligent eye, with advanced motion sensors, will automatically detect where you are in the room, reduce power when you leave, and return to full operation when you enter the room again — just like magic!

Smart Phone App

Many modern air conditioners come with a smartphone app that enables you to control your air conditioner remotely. But did you know that, based on your phone’s GPS coordinates, you could have your air conditioner automatically switch on when you’re 5 minutes away from home? Some apps, such as the Wink app by Quirky, will even create a cooling schedule for you based on your usage habits.

Self Cleaning Filter

Cleaning your air conditioner’s filter can be sweaty work in Brisbane’s heat. But what if you could leave your air conditioner on while you did it? And what if all you had to do was push one button? Self-cleaning filters are a convenient and simple solution. With easy to empty dust containers and internal brushes, modern air conditioners can now do all of the dirty work for you.

Weekly Schedule

Work from home or have air conditioning at your office? Daikin’s new D-mobile app has a weekly timer function that allows you to schedule on and off times and pre-select the desired room temperature for every day of the week. For example, if you have a regular staff meeting on Monday morning at 10am, you might like your air conditioner to automatically lower the room temperature by a couple of degrees to account for all of the extra warm bodies in the room. No one in the office after 1pm on Thursday? Simply program your air conditioner to automatically switch off at 1pm on that day.


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