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Winter Air Conditioning – Stay Comfortable with a Reverse-cycle System

Winter Air Conditioning – Stay Comfortable with a Reverse-cycle System
May 20, 2016 Star Air Conditioning

Winter Air Conditioning

Reverse cycle air conditioners are one of the most energy efficient ways to warm up your home in winter and cool it in summer. Some of the most technologically advanced models, like those put out by Daikin, can even absorb the heat from the outdoor air to create warm air inside.

Improved energy efficiency

This is a more energy efficient way of heating a home than with a conventional heater, which has heat an element to create heat. Though it’s unlikely you’ll ever experience blizzard conditions in Brisbane, at least you can rest assured if it falls to minus 10C, your Daikin reverse air con will still be able to heat your home. Likewise, if the mercury soars up to 46C it will keep the house cool.

Healthier Air Quality

Another benefit of investing in a reverse cycle air conditioner is that they can keep your household healthier by purifying the air. Modern systems typically have air-purifying filters which trap, absorb and deactivate microscopic particles, such as dust allergens, virus bacterias and odours. For families that have asthma or hay fever sufferers, air purification is essential when considering buying a reverse air conditioner. The Daikin reverse cycle air conditioner incidentally is recommended by the National Asthma Council Australia.

Reduced running costs

Reverse-cycle air conditioners are generally more expensive to purchase than conventional heaters because they’re fulfilling a dual function. But over time a significantly reduced electricity bill makes up for the initial outlay and installation of the unit. There are many ways you can keep running costs to a minimum too, such as choosing a comfortable temperature and resisting the temptation to continually adjust it. Each extra degree will add 10 – 15 per cent onto the bill.

Timing control

Modern units also come with a range of features allowing homeowners to conveniently choose which areas of the house they want heated at certain times, e.g. the living area during the evening and the bedrooms after 9 pm. This means that power isn’t wasted by heating the whole house. You may also be able to set different climate levels for different areas.

Extra tips

Remembering to close the external windows and doors when the heating is on and pulling shades at night to keep the heat in will also lower electricity costs. If a cold day is expected then turn on the air conditioner early rather than waiting until your home is freezing. Generating heat early on and trapping it in the house will reduce the need for your reverse cycle air conditioner to work harder later on in the day when the outside temperature drops.

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