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Individual Temperature Control: Avoid the heat of that afternoon sun!

Individual Temperature Control: Avoid the heat of that afternoon sun!
January 25, 2017 Star Air Conditioning

Do you have a West facing room in your house that’s beaten by the sun every afternoon?

If everyone in your home tends to avoid this furnaced room mid to late afternoon every day, perhaps it’s time to look into Individual Temperature Control (ITC) for your air conditioning.

What is ITC?

ITC works in conjunction with your zoned ducted air conditioning to automatically change the temperature in specific rooms based on its existing temperature, so that it remains consistent with the rest of the house.

This is particularly useful for rooms which tend to heat up more than others. Many zoned air conditioning systems simply pump out air at a temperature that you have pre-programmed without taking into consideration how the orientation of individual rooms causes discrepancies in their existing temperature at different times of the day.

With sensors installed into individual rooms, the air conditioner can monitor fluctuating temperatures during the day, and adjust the room’s temperature so it’s the same as other rooms in cooler spots around the house.

Saving Energy

ITC can help you save energy by ensuring that you don’t have to pump and overwork the air conditioning in other rooms to compensate for the heat present in one particular room. It also means that the airflow is adjusted automatically. If you constantly have that room at a lower temperature to others in your house, you may be wasting a lot of energy when it only needs to work harder for a few hours a day when the sun is the most fierce.

More Convenience

It’s annoying when you’re constantly at your air con’s control panel toggling the temperature to suit each room in your home. Moreover, sometimes you can change it to compensate for the afternoon heat, only to forget to change it back once the sun goes down, and head to bed at 11pm in a freezing bedroom. With ITC the sensors will adjust the airflow automatically to suit the outside temperature and how this affects the temperature within each individual room.

Compatible systems

ITC can be installed in conjunction with compatible air conditioning management and zoning systems for your ducted. At Star Air Conditioning, ITC can be added as an optional feature to the MyAir 5 zoned air conditioning system. Give us a call and chat with our friendly staff to discuss how zoning and ITC could vastly improve comfort in your home and your energy consumption.

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