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Team Building in Brisbane: Activities To Bring Your Team Closer

Team Building in Brisbane: Activities To Bring Your Team Closer
August 24, 2016 Star Air Conditioning


At Star Air Conditioning, we’re constantly working in team environments with builders, contractors, subcontractors, property developers, and more. So we know how important it is to work efficiently and collaboratively with a team of people who share the same goals as you.

In short, teamwork can make or break your construction business. So get your team on track today with these five Brisbane team building activities!

1. Giant Foosball

Giant Foosball is interactive, hilarious to watch, and fun to play with employees who enjoy football, soccer, and other energetic ball sports. Up to 20 people can play at one time, with 10 players on each team. Each player wears a waist harness enabling them to move only from side to side, like in real table foosball. Teamwork and cooperation are essential for this game to work. You need to synchronise your movements and communicate with everyone on your side to get the ball down the field.

2. Kingston Park Raceway

Got a need for speed? The Kingston Park Raceway offers tag team go kart racing for groups of up to 120 people. Teams all receive professional driving tuition before the race starts and will need to develop a strategy for positioning each driver in the right order. Penalties are deducted for incorrect pit stops, ‘black flag’ infringements, and incorrect lap counts.

3. Laser Skirmish

Ready, aim, fire! Laser Skirmish is a fun, point and shoot, combat game powered by infrared technology. Teams gather together with GPS navigation, sniper ghillie suits, camouflage paint, and military guns in a simulated battlefield. The aim of the game is to work together as a team, using the bunkers and other hideaways, to ‘shoot’ the opposing team. Some Brisbane-based Laser Skirmish companies even offer camouflaged watercraft for beach assaults and sound systems with real battlefield sounds!


4. Kendo Warrior Training

Using the ancient art of the Samurais and Japanese sword fencing, Warrior School is an exhilarating activity that will test your team’s trust, commitment, leadership, self-confidence, and cooperation. Lessons are taught by a Kendo Master in two hour sessions, and will combine martial arts practices with powerful physical activity.

5. Exitus Escape Room

Exitus is the ultimate ‘fright night’ for teams who love problem-solving, cryptic puzzles, and horror films. With 50 minutes to find your way out of a real life nightmare, teams of 2-6 will need to work together to find hidden objects, solve clues, and escape a themed room without panicking. Brisbane themes include “The Butcher’s Burrow” (a kidnapping simulation), “Forensic” (investigating the trail of a serial killer), and “The Garden” (an enchanted space that is too good to be true).

Star Air Conditioning works in close collaboration with Brisbane builders and residential developers. If you’re building new homes and you think you deserve better service from your installer, contact Star Air Conditioning today!

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