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8 DIY Weekend Projects: Garage Hacks For More Space

8 DIY Weekend Projects: Garage Hacks For More Space
August 15, 2016 Star Air Conditioning


Does your garage have a lot of stuff competing for space? Can you actually fit your car in there? If the answers to these questions is ‘yes’ and ‘no’ respectively, then it might be time for a reshuffle.


Short of dedicating two whole weekends in a row to cleaning it out entirely, take a look at these garage shortcuts designed to help you minimise your time, and maximise your space.

1. Free Up Floor Space

star air conditioning brisbane storage floor space

One of the biggest space hoggers in a garage are recycle bins that are sitting on the floor. By mounting them on the wall, you not only make more room but make sorting easier by having them at eye level.

2. Miscellaneous Object Holder

star air conditioning brisbane miscellaneous object holder

Every garage has its share of small stuff (scissors, pliers, pencils, paintbrushes) that can make it look cluttered very quickly. This collection of PVC pipes nailed to a backing board is just the trick for keeping them organised and accessible for when you need them.

3. Ball storage

star air conditioning brisbane ball storage

It’s not unusual for garages to be a dumping ground for sports equipment and accessories. If you’ve collected a significant amount of netballs, soccer balls and basketballs then this DIY storage solution keeps them all neatly out of the way in an unused corner.

4. Garden Tool Pipe Holder

star air conditioning brisbane garden tool pipe holder

If an untidy jumble of gardening tools is a problem then deal with them with this PVC pipe garden tool holder. This holds rakes and shovels in an upright position and keeps them out of the way so no one accidentally stands on them and gets a rake in the eye.

5. Bike Rack

star air conditioning brisbane bike rack

If your family are keen bikers then finding storage for everyone’s trusty two-wheeler can be a bit of a headache. Leaning them against the wall takes up too much room, so why not turn them on end and hang them up by the front wheel?

6. Peanut Butter Jar Storage

star air conditioning brisbane peanut butter jar storage

Is your garage home to many miscellaneous screws and nails? Leaving these scattered over workbenches or on the floor is crying out for an accident to happen. Much better to fill old peanut butter jars with the offending items and screw the lid to the underside of a shelf.

7. Hanging shoe holder

star air conditioning brisbane hanging shoe holder

A cheap shoe holder can be a great way to get cans of spray paint and paint brushes from up off the floor. Simply nail it to the wall and you instantly have an organised storage system, you could even colour coordinate the cans if you’re feeling really dedicated.

8. Ceiling Storage

star air conditioning brisbane ceiling storage

An underutilised area of a garage is the ceiling. So why not consider creating shelving for overhead storage? This could effectively house any number of plastic clothing bins, chilly bins, boxes and Christmas decorations.

After making your way through this list of hacks you should be left with a roomier and tidier garage, you might even be able to fit your car in now.

Source: Storage Talk

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