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Should You Install Ducted Air Conditioning?

Should You Install Ducted Air Conditioning?
August 1, 2016 Star Air Conditioning

Should You Install Ducted Air Conditioning? | Star Air Conditioning | Brisbane

We think ducted air conditioning is the best thing since sliced bread, especially during our hot Brisbane summers when the temperatures and humidity soar.


But, as with the installation of any type of air conditioning, it pays to do your research so you know what you’re actually getting. Keep reading to find out the answers to some common questions about ducted air conditioning.

What is ducted air conditioning?

Designed to cool your entire home, ducted air conditioning keeps the temperature steady no matter where you are in the house. In summer a central unit cools the air and then distributes it around the house to the bedrooms, living room, kitchen – anywhere that has a vent installed in the ceiling or wall. Likewise in winter it heats the air to keep your home warm and cozy.

What are the benefits?

Ducted air conditioning provides the ultimate in luxury and comfort. They are incredibly energy efficient systems, producing three kW or more per one kW of electricity, and setting up zones means you can turn it off in rooms that you aren’t using. Some can even automatically adjust the temperature when someone enters or leaves the room. In terms of noise, ducted systems are pretty quiet and you don’t need a Ph.D to operate them.

What does it look like?

The beauty of ducted air conditioning is that the operating unit is concealed out of sight in your ceiling or under the floor. The only evidence will be a small wall mounted control pad and a few vents in the ceilings or walls. These vents come in a variety of designs so you get to decide on the look of what’s installed.

What type of homes is it best for?

Ducted air conditioning is great for multi-floor and large homes. Since many systems use zoning, as previously mentioned, this makes a ducted air conditioning not only convenient but also economical.

What’s involved in the installation?

Ducted air conditioning can be installed in a new home or retrofitted into an existing one. It needs to be customised to suit the home, so a professional will make a visit to determine the size of the unit and number of vents necessary, as well as the zones required. It is easier to install during a new build as the ducting has to run to every room you want cooled (or heated). But in either scenario, installation should only take a day.


Star Air Conditioning works in close collaboration with Brisbane builders to install ducted air conditioning into new homes. Give us a call to discuss installing a ducted system in your new build or existing home.

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