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New Home Air Conditioning - Client Reviews 2016 | Star Air Conditioning

New Home Air Conditioning – Client Reviews 2016 | Star Air Conditioning
July 6, 2016 Star Air Conditioning

New Home Air Conditioning - Client Reviews 2016 | Star Air Conditioning

Star Air Conditioning is focused on providing absolute value for builders needing new home air conditioning installations. This means being competitively-priced while delivering impeccable quality.


As such, we have a pile of outstanding reviews from our clients because we understand what they value. In this article, I want to share with you exactly how we’ll bring you value by providing you with reviews from what our clients are saying.

Installation Advice

It all starts with advice about your build. Planning your installation properly can really extend your value to your customer, by having your air conditioning planned according to your build. In some cases, homebuyers have even “changed their mind about getting air conditioning installed,” reports Darryl Meehan of Q Coast Homes, when recommending us.

Considerations including room and ceiling size, what type of system, how many rooms you want cooled, areas to be zoned, and where and how many control pads are required to be installed, all come into play.

Star Air Conditioning has been set up specifically to provide a higher-quality service to builders. Darryl Meehan especially appreciates that “assistance with information is always timely, usually by the next day”. As a builder who is well-organised but still on tight-schedules, this is of huge value to his business.

Competitive Pricing

Good service doesn’t have to cost a bomb, but everything comes at a price. As Darryl puts it, “we could buy cheaper products on the market but they don’t deliver … what Star Air Conditioning offer and the services they provide is very good”.

This sentiment is echoed by Iain Harris of GJ Gardner Homes Springfield, who says our “pricing is competitive, I like the way he sets it out”. His pricing includes a tailored price list as per his most common floor plans and brand requests, dramatically cutting the back-and-forth time for quotes, and include upgrade options to present to you clients.

Of course, while price is important, we only recommend products and brands that we’ve researched and have quality that we stand by. This includes Daikin, Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic, and more. Often we’ll even review products such as the MyAir 5 or Daikin systems, but for more specific questions it’s best to get in touch with Andrew and have a chat about what’s best for your build.

Responsive service

Building is a highly-organised process with tight-schedules, so we make sure it’s never Star Air Conditioning holding you up. “I know we can trust Star Air Conditioning to always meet our program date” say’s Darryl.

It’s part of our DNA to be responsive to the needs of the builders we work with. Nick Madden from Groove Properties, who we’ve worked with on 6 projects so far, says “if we need something done quickly, Andrew’s always able to fit it in”. We have a team of full-time and fully-licenced air conditioning installers, so we have the ability to be flexible.

“Star Air Conditioning’s always proved to be flexible and gets the work done on time,” says Iain Harris of GJ Gardner Homes. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Client Referrals

Our industry lives and breathes referrals, because let’s face it, who’s more trustworthy than a mate or a colleague who has no vested interest in your project other than being helpful? For any new builders out there looking for a new installer, here’s some referrals from our clients you might already know.

  • “I’ve already recommended Andrew to other builders that I work with” – Nick Madden, Groove Properties.
  • “I’ve recommended Star Air Conditioning to other builders and would do so again” – Mark Rodrigues, Rodrigues Development Group.
  • “We’ve recommended them to clients before, to the extent they’ve changed their mind about getting air conditioning installed!” – Darryl Meehan, Q Coast Homes.
  • “I’d recommend Star Air Conditioning, we’ve just referred him to a colleague” – Iain Harris, GJ Gardner Homes Springfield/Ripley.

So, even if you don’t know another builder we’re currently working with, if you’re fed up with poor and unreliable service, and unhelpful air conditioning contractors, then it’s time for a change.

Star Air Conditioning is especially set up so you don’t need to worry about your next air conditioning installation. We help you:

  • Specify the build.
  • Stay on schedule.
  • Keep a tidy worksite.
  • Proving on-going support.

All my staff are:


To talk to Star Air Conditioning about designing and installing the latest air conditioning systems in your next build, get in touch today!

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