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How motion sensors in your ducted system slash electricity bills

How motion sensors in your ducted system slash electricity bills
January 8, 2017 Star Air Conditioning

I know you’re thinking, ‘I just spent an arm and a leg on my ducted system, why should I spend more on optional extras?’ But we’re here to tell you why it’s definitely worth it!

Not only will you be making the most out of your ducted system, but you will also be slashing your electricity bill at the same time!

The king of optional extras: motion sensors

Motion sensors are a part of new smart technology systems such as MyAir, which enhance the running of your ducted air conditioning. Motion sensors are installed in each room and can detect when the room is occupied, altering the temperature accordingly.

This is fantastic news for anyone who lives in a large home with many people. Even if you have zoning installed, tracking everyone’s whereabouts and turning the air con off and on in different rooms manually can get exhausting and time-consuming. With motion sensors, the air con will think and act for you!

How it works

If the motion sensors detect that a room has been empty for ten minutes, the target air con temperature will automatically go up by one degree. After twenty minutes of being unoccupied, it will go up by 2 degrees. You may be thinking that this is a small increment and won’t affect any drastic changes, but it can actually reduce the room’s energy usage by 20%. If the motion sensors are in action every day, this could dramatically alter your electricity bill in the long run.

The best bit? As soon as you re-enter the room, the temperature will go back up to your set target, and you won’t even feel the difference!

How to install motion sensors

We recommend MyAir 5 as the latest and most efficient air conditioning management system. MyAir 5 allows you to individually manage up to 10 zones remotely via smartphone, or from a wall mounted tablet in your home. This zoning technology is most effective when used in conjunction with motion sensors, which can be included in the MyAir 5 package as an optional extra.

Motion sensors and zoning technology are particularly attractive in large family homes. You want to be monitoring your children’s health and wellbeing, not hassling them to turn off the air con in their room when they aren’t using it! Installing motion sensors as an add on to zoning is a great way to cut out that unnecessary daily worry of a skyrocketing energy bill.

Contact Star Air Conditioning today to install MyAir 5 and get the most out of your ducted air conditioning!

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