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Beat the heat with split-system air con this summer

Beat the heat with split-system air con this summer
December 1, 2016 Star Air Conditioning

Keeping cool in summer is a high priority for most Brisbanites. While you might think you can handle the heat in December, when the temperatures and humidity start making things sticky and uncomfortable in January and February, you might start rethinking your current cooling method.

If you want your home to be a pleasant and comfortable retreat during the hottest months of the year then you can’t go wrong by installing a split-system air conditioner. These type of air conditioners provide instant relief and can be programmed to turn off or on to suit your needs.


Pros of installing a split system air con

A split-system air conditioner is made up of two parts, an indoor wall mounted unit that blows cold air into a room and an outdoor unit that removes the heated air outside. Inverter technology means more precise climate control and less energy usage.

Using less energy means it’s more cost effective in the long term to install a split-system air conditioning system, rather than using several portable airconditioning units. When used correctly, a split-system can actually help you save money on your power bills and is more eco-friendly.

Compare some of the latest air conditioning brands that we recommend to handle the heat.


Make the most of your split system

We’ve also got some cooling tips to make the most of a split-air system and keep your power bill low this summer. Don’t make your air con work harder than it should:

Keep all doors and windows closed to other rooms to prevent hot air from flowing into the room.

Choose the temperature you want and keep it there. Between 24-26°C is the most economical. Don’t make small adjustments up or down as this can hike up your power bill.

Turn off your air conditioner when the temperature outside drops at night and ventilate with cool air by opening the doors and windows.

Use it only to cool a room when someone’s in it – see Daikin’s US7 split-system air conditioner which has the ability to schedule, set and control the temperature of a room.

Install window shades or window blinds to reduce the sunlight coming into the room.

Maintain your air conditioner so it performs at an optimum level. Replace filters on a regular basis and have it serviced before each season of high usage.


If you’re looking to install split-system air conditioning in your home, but are still unsure which brand or model is best for your individual needs, why not contact our friendly staff for a free quote and invaluable advice, backed by years of industry experience!

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