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Daikin Zena Series: The Sleek Split System for a Modern Home

Daikin Zena Series: The Sleek Split System for a Modern Home
October 9, 2016 Star Air Conditioning

Sick of clunky air conditioning units sticking out like a sore thumb amongst your carefully designed home decor? The new Daikin Zena series is sleek and modern, and available in either silver or a pure white matte finish. Stylish!

Now, while designed with aesthetic in mind, it’s the advanced features of the Zena split system that sets it apart from other air conditioners of its kind. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of installing the Zena Series:

Better for the Environment

The R32 refrigerant is the next generation of refrigerants. If you’re looking to reduce your footprint on the planet, choosing a model with R32 is the way to go. With a smaller impact on global warming, this refrigerant will provide you with a more sustainable option while maintaining comfort.

Furthermore, the standby function and Econo mode both reduce your power consumption, and the Intelligent Eye feature will detect when a room is not in use after twenty minutes, and begin saving energy.

Cleaner Air

The deodorising air purification filter breaks down odours, absorbs bacteria and viruses, and even traps microscopic airborne dust particles. So now if one member of the family has a cold, there’s no need to spread it around!

Farther Reaching Airflow

We believe your aircon should reach all the nooks and crannies of your room, and that’s why the Zena series uses 3D airflow. Horizontal and vertical auto-swing circulates air around your room, gently making its way to every corner.

Beats Humidity

There will be no more frizzy hair dilemmas with the Zena series, which incorporates a dry program function that detects and reduces humidity. Furthermore, if your room becomes hotter during certain periods of the day, the Zena will automatically adjust its airflow to emit cooler air to maintain a consistent temperature.

Immediate Comfort

Ever come home from a run and need that immediate hit of cold air? Push the POWERFUL button on the remote control and receive twenty minutes of intense cool air to get your body temperature back to normal.


Hate it when you’re always seated directly under the aircon at the party? The Zena’s advanced louvre design positions itself horizontally when pumping cool air, to prevent it from being blown directly onto the body. Similarly, when heating, the louvre situates itself to direct airflow vertically downwards so that warmth is dispersed at floor level.


The Zena allows you to program four settings per day to turn your aircon off or on and adjust the temperature according to your specific needs. These settings can be different every day of the week – customise your air con around your work and life schedule so that you will always be living in comfort!

Call or email Star Air Conditioning today to make an enquiry about how you can fit your modern home with the Zena Series today!

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