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Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips
September 4, 2015 Star Air Conditioning

Helpful Tips

At Star Air Conditioning Brisbane we know that just installing an air conditioning unit is not the complete solution to providing affordable and optimal temperature controls within the home. There a number of tips to help your system work efficiency and ensure it is as cost effective as possible. Did you know;

  • The optimal setting for air conditioning in summer is 24⁰C and in Winter its 18⁰C? That’s because for every 1⁰C of cooling and heating you can do without could save you on your energy consumption.
  • The filters main purpose is to protect the indoor coil from dust build up? By cleaning your filters regularly you can help assist the overall performance of the air conditioner.
  • Insulated homes retain cool or heat longer than non-insulated homes?
  • By turning your thermostat to a colder setting when you first turn on does not cool your home quicker and may result in an unnecessary expense?

Long-term Saving Tip: if your air conditioner is old consider buying an energy efficient model.

External Energy Saving Tips

  • Click here for Residential / Domestic energy saving tips from Ergon
  • Click here for business energy saving tips from Ergon
  • Click here for ENERGY.GOV energy saving tips
  • Click here for the Air conditioner guide from The Brisbane Government department of housing and public works

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