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Temperature Control for New Homes: The Cheap, The Good, and the Best

Temperature Control for New Homes: The Cheap, The Good, and the Best
February 15, 2017 Star Air Conditioning

Choosing what air conditioning system is right for your new home is not always easy.

There are lots of factors to take into account, such as the size of your house, what you can afford and what you’re prepared to pay in the long term for energy costs and maintenance. We take a look at the benefits of 3 main types of air conditioning for temperature control to help make the decision easier.

Cheap: Portable Air Conditioning

If you’re a renter or homeowner who lives in a studio or one bedroom apartment, then a portable air conditioner is a cheap alternative to a permanent system. The purchase price of the unit is cheaper than split air or ducted air conditioning, and there is no installation cost. Set up is extremely quick and easy, once you’ve purchased it; you just need to switch it on. As it’s portable, you can move it from room to room. Many portable air conditioners not only cool the air but also dehumidify it which is much better for allergy sufferers.

The downsides to this are :

  • They’re noisy, because the unit is inside your room.
  • They need to be near a window to vent out the hot air. If you don’t have sliding windows, this could be a problem.
  • The only cover a very limited area due to their small size.
  • You may end up running it at full power a lot of the time to be able to reach a comfortable temperature.
  • In humid conditions (like Brisbane) the internal water reservoir can fill and the whole unit will turn off until it has been emptied.

Good: Split System Air Conditioning

Although a split system air conditioner will cost more in the initial purchase and set up, in the long term they are more cost-effective. Regarding keeping your home cool on hot summer days, they are a great option. They will deliver an instant blast of cool air that will quickly bring the temperature down. Many modern split air conditioners have oscillating louvres that can be moved by sensors or remote control to direct airflow to where it’s needed to save on energy costs. They can offer air purifying HEPA filters to remove dust and allergens from the air. They can also be reverse cycle; offering heat in the winter. This makes them a versatile year-round solution to your home’s temperature needs.

Best: Ducted Air Conditioning

The best system to purchase and install is ducted air conditioning, but it’s also the biggest up-front investment. However, this is also the most advanced system you can get for your home. A major benefit is that it is integrated discreetly into your home, with only a series of ducts showing in the floor, ceiling or walls. You usually have a choice regarding what kind of grills you want so they can blend in with your decor. Smart systems offer zoning so you can run the air conditioning to cool the whole house or customise the temperature zones for specific rooms. Ducted air conditioning is also a lot quieter than portable or split air conditioning systems.

Contact Star today to find out more about our split system and ducted air conditioning and what works best for your home.

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