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Lighting your home: how to create ambience

Lighting your home: how to create ambience
January 30, 2017 Star Air Conditioning

Not only is lighting an element of interior design that is used for visual comfort, but it can also introduce a wide range of emotional responses; turning up the happy factor for a party or creating a relaxing, intimate environment for a romantic dinner.

Check out these easy-to-apply mood lighting ideas for different situations to create ambience in your home.

1. Entertaining

Lighting is all important when you’re entertaining friends, and you can set the scene for the evening as soon as they arrive. A brightly lit path can lead guests to your front door while the lighting in the entranceway should transition guests into your home from outside. Keep it soft, so they’re not startled from the contrast of vibrancy.

By all means, utilise brighter light in the lounge areas to encourage lively conversation and alertness if this is the style of gathering you’re after. But the focus should be on accent lighting on the walls or points of interest rather than overhead lighting, so guests don’t feel put in the spotlight.

2. Romantic dinner

There are many ways to achieve mood lighting for a romantic dinner. Most importantly, lowering the level of light is important and will instantly set the mood, decrease stress and bring on a relaxed state of mind. The easiest way to do this is to install a dimmer on your dining room light switch, which you can turn down as you’re about to serve up.

With some of the new smart home lighting systems, such as MyLights, you can instantly dim the lights with the touch of a button on your Smartphone or tablet. Light a candle for the table and a few to place around for the room to create a delightfully intimate atmosphere – soy based clean burning candles are best.

3. Getting ready for bed

Proper lighting can aid in getting a good night’s sleep by transitioning you from day to night. Lowering the level of light in the bedroom and turning on bedside lamps for reading helps your body clock recognise that it is time for bed. Again, a smart system like MyLights is a great way to instantly get your bedroom ready for slumber as you can choose from a number of lower lighting options.

4. Upbeat Breakfast

Kitchens and family rooms can benefit from bright lighting to boost the energy level at breakfast time. As well as waking people up to face the day with overhead lighting, you need task lighting to perform kitchen duties. In summer, lighting may not be as much of an issue, but in winter when it’s dark, waking up to cheerful lighting will start the day off right.

5. Bathroom Haven

Bathrooms are one of the rooms that really benefit from ambient lighting. To create the best atmosphere for your haven, but also use it as a functional space, you’ll need a combination of task, accent and decorative lighting.

Task lighting at the vanity mirror is necessary so you can see yourself for grooming but keep these to the side rather than overhead to avoid dark shadows. Accent lighting creates layers of light and acts as a fill-in if you don’t have much natural light, this includes recessed spotlights directed at art or illuminated shower boxes. Decorative lighting adds a little glitz and glamour to an otherwise sterile bathroom, and an interesting light fixture can really make a statement.

If you’re looking to install a lighting system that will provide you with more creative lighting options, contact Star Air Conditioning today to discuss how MyLights can improve your home.

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