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Why It Pays To Hire Fully-Licenced Installers

Why It Pays To Hire Fully-Licenced Installers
October 15, 2015 Star Air Conditioning


Over the years, we’ve heard stories of competitors who work outside their licence restrictions. Or they cause costly delays when the team on-site realised they cannot complete an installation. Or worse, they install a system they’re not qualified to do.

There’s a reason the Star Air Conditioning team have a Full Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAC) License, we can work on any air conditioning system at any cooling capacity and undertake all aspects of the installation, service, repair and maintenance. Giving you peace of mind.

So what are the different licences in Australia, and how do you know what your air conditioning installer can and can’t do?

Full RAC Licence vs. Restricted Split-System licences

The Australian Refrigeration Council issues 2 licenses that permit individuals to undertake work with split system air conditioners. There is a considerable difference between the 2 licenses.


1. Full Refrigeration and Air-conditioning (RAC) Licence

A fully-licenced installer can work with any system of any capacity – so there’s no chance they will arrive and not be able to complete the job. They are licenced to install, service, repair, maintain or decommission all air conditioning systems.


2. Restricted Split System Air-conditioning Installation and Decommissioning (Splits) Licence

Restricted licence holders can only work with single-head split system units, and only those that are less than 18kW. This means they can’t install multi-head or ducted systems. They are also limited to which split-systems than can maintain, which limits their value to you in the future. They are licenced to run the pipework for the systems they install, but can only add refrigerant when required on extended runs.


Ducted Air-conditioning

When installing ducted air conditioning, it’s important to know and trust your installer to ensure they are fully licenced. To make it quick and easy to quote the job accurately, builders often provide us with a checklist of their clients requirements.

So for peace and mind, always look for a tradesman that has an RAC licence to install your Air Conditioning Unit. Or to receive a quote from Star Air Conditioning, call us now.

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