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What's new in air conditioning?

What’s new in air conditioning?
November 29, 2016 Star Air Conditioning

As the wide world of smart technology expands, so too does air conditioning. You may be thinking; what’s cool (pun intended) about air conditioning other than the obvious benefit of not melting away on a swelteringly hot day?

There are plenty of advancements in the industry that incorporate the use of the latest tech. Some are still in the conceptual stages of planning but have positive traction. Some are being used by everyday people just like you as we speak! Hold onto your socks because these discoveries might blow them off!

Solar powered air conditioning

Solar powered air conditioning has been in the works for a few years now but hasn’t yet managed to take the world by storm. However, Australia made a breakthrough in harnessing solar energy for air conditioning when Stockland Wendouree Shopping Centre in Ballarat, Victoria installed such a system. Could this closed loop system be the solution to a low-emissions future?


Ever wished your air con could just fix itself, like when your computer runs self-diagnostics to discover and rectify its malfunctions? Well, that wish could come true sooner than you think. Long waiting periods for fixing air conditioning issues in extreme weather are harrowing, which is why this feature is gaining traction. Ever spent $100 on cinema tickets in a day, just for a cool place to hang out when your air con carked it? This could be a thing of the past in the very near future!

Advanced zoning technology for ducted systems

You might think zoning is old news, but it’s constantly upgrading to utilise the latest technology for your convenience! MyAir by Advance Air can be operated by both smartphone and tablet and allows you to control the airflow to each room in your home individually. Remote access to air conditioning is one of the best new features of zoning technology – cool down your house before you get home from work without running the air con all day and wasting electricity!

Smart technology for split systems

It isn’t just ducted systems that can be operated via smartphones – Samsung has recently released a split system called The Triangle, that can also be controlled using your phone as a remote. Keep all of your operating systems in the one device! This is great news for city dwellers, in particular, whose smaller apartments don’t require ducted, but who wish to utilise the best of the automated home movement.

The best part? Your air conditioner can actually talk to you! You’ll receive a text when your air con needs to give you the heads up that something is wrong, or when it’s time to clean the filter.


Want to see how the latest new zoning technology works? Head on over to Star Air conditioning’s new showroom at 1/12 Lucy St, Moorooka, for a demonstration – and even give it a whirl yourself!

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