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Choosing an Air Conditioning Diffuser

Choosing an Air Conditioning Diffuser
January 22, 2016 Star Air Conditioning


Ducted air conditioning is not only an essential component of any Brisbane home, but it can also be designed to complement a home’s aesthetic or add style and class to a room.

We take a look at some of the different diffusers available from Advantage Air – one of our recommended systems!

What Are Air Conditioning Diffusers?

Air conditioning diffusers are small vents that are fitted into the ceiling (or wall) of a home and manage the distribution of air around a room. Depending on the type of diffuser installed, they can have some functions such as controlling the amount of air coming into the room, directing airflow and minimising noise. Advantage Air has six types of diffusers that customers can choose from when installing ducted air conditioning to suit their air flow requirements and the personality of their home.

Different Types of Diffusers

  • StreamLine Diffuser – The adjustable StreamLine Diffuser has a 7-point setting system and blades that sit flush with the ceiling and don’t protrude into the room. It allows cool air to be diffused across the ceiling, or in winter, hot air to be directed down into the room.
  • Linear Elite Diffuser – The Linear Elite Diffuser is discreet, stylish and designed to complement modern homes. It can be used in conjunction with other diffusers and also comes in a more compact size, the Small Linear Diffuser, which can be used on walls.
  • Swivel Jet Diffuser – Perfect for small rooms and cooling systems, the Swivel Jet Diffuser has a swivel function that allows for directional airflow. You can control how much air enters the room by adjusting the core in the centre, which is also removable for easy cleaning.
  • Silhouette Diffuser – The Silhouette Diffuser is whisper quiet so you won’t even notice it’s there. It gently and efficiently diffuses air to all corners of the room.
  • Airline Diffuser – The classic Airline Diffuser is unobtrusive but stylish, so it complements decor rather than dominating the room.
  • Round Diffuser – The popular Round Diffuser diffuses air to all corners of the room, and complements existing light fittings and downlights, so there is a minimal visual impact.

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