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Builders: demonstrate MyLights like a pro

Builders: demonstrate MyLights like a pro
October 13, 2016 Star Air Conditioning

MyLights is a new product by Advantage Air that offers convenience for your customers and seamlessly incorporates smart technology into their homes. Here are the best features of MyLights and how to show your customers why they need it.


MyLights’ biggest selling point is how easy it is to control all of the lights in a house through the owner’s smartphone, whether they are at home or out.

Say your customers tell you they regularly go away on holidays. They can easily switch all of the lights in their house on at night for additional security, from the comfort of the deck chair on their cruise (provided they have internet, of course). And they don’t have to waste electricity, they can easily switch them off again in the morning with a tap of a button.

The main features

High-efficiency LED lighting

Perfect lighting at a fraction the cost: A house running 60 halogen lights for 1.5 hours a day, costs $427.05 per year. In comparison, LED lights with exactly the same usage time costs only $85.41 per year. LED lighting is significantly more efficient. MyLights’ LED lights also come in warm, natural or cool to suit a range of rooms and create exactly the ambience your customer wants!

MyEco function

Reduce costs even further: If your customers are looking to save even more money on their electricity bill, then they’ll love the MyEco function with MyLights. MyEco automatically dims all lights to 80%, just the right setting so that they are actively saving money on energy, but will hardly notice the difference. Know how we said LED lights save money? Well on the MyEco function, 60 LED lights running at 1.5 hours a day will almost halve your yearly electricity cost at only $49.90!

Easy dimming and control

Save the perfect lighting for next time: MyLights is fully customizable. Your customers can find the perfect dimness for a dinner party and save it to their ‘scenes’ tab to easily recreate the desired ambience on every occasion. Finally found the best lighting to sooth the kids to sleep? Come back to it every night with the tap of a button and turn it off via your smartphone, from your spot on the couch once you know the kids are asleep. Your customers can create the best lighting to suit their family’s’ needs.

MyWelcome and MyGoodbye:

So easy anyone can use it: Everyone experiences that morning rush where all they are thinking about is getting out of the door on time. MyGoodbye makes this exit easy and stress-free. Turn off all the lights in the house with the tap of a smartphone – no more worrying about whether that bathroom light was switched off on the drive to work!

Arrive home late at night? Even if your customers live in a safe neighbourhood, they can never be too safe. They don’t need to be anxious walking to the front door in the dark. They can simply tap the MyWelcome button on their phone and the pre-programmed lights of their choice will switch on immediately. Security is a top priority for every home.

Fully compatible with MyAir

Modern comfort, made easier: Why not also get MyAir Series 5, which is fully compatible with MyLights, and experience a truly connected home? Control individual air flow to every room and live in complete comfort! Both MyAir and MyLights can even be accessed from the same app on your customer’s’ smart phone! Find out more about MyAir here.

Send Customers To The Star Air Conditioning Showroom

Demonstration has never been easier: Convinced your customers that MyLights is worth the investment? Swayed them towards MyAir too? If they want to check out all the features in person, the good news is that our brand new showroom is coming soon and it’s the perfect place for your customers to come and see the products in action! Our friendly staff will walk them through all the features that you have discussed and answer any questions they have!

Stay tuned by signing up to be notified when we release our opening dates!

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