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Daikin Air Con: Why Professional Installers Recommend Daikin

Daikin Air Con: Why Professional Installers Recommend Daikin
May 18, 2016 Star Air Conditioning

Daikin’s Best Ducted Air Conditioning Features | Star Air Conditioning

With winter right around the corner and Brisbane’s nights getting darker and cooler more quickly, it makes a lot of sense to spend the upcoming weekend shopping around for a new ducted air conditioner.


But, which brand is the right one for you? Here are some reasons why we think Daikin’s new ducted air conditioning range is top-notch…

1. Energy efficient

All of Daikin’s ducted air conditioners have advanced inverter technology. This means that your air conditioner will maintain a consistent room temperature and automatically adjust its heating and cooling output to suit your needs.

Daikin’s ducted air conditioning range also allows for room zoning, which means that you can maximise your energy efficiency by turning off (or adjusting) the airflow in specific rooms of your home. This can reduce the amount of energy you are wasting on unoccupied rooms and potentially save you a lot of money!

The entire range also exceeds the MEPS energy efficiency requirements and uses a ‘reluctance DC motor’ which can boost your energy efficiency by up to 40% more than conventional motors.

2. Superior comfort

The Daikin ducted air conditioning range offers several superior comfort features:

  • Night quiet mode will automatically reduce the sound your outdoor unit makes when the temperature outside falls more than 6˚C from the day’s maximum so that you can get a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • Program dry mode will reduce the level of humidity in your room so that you can get on with your day without feeling clammy and sticky.
  • Home leave mode will automatically turn your air conditioner on while you are out if the room temperature drops below 10˚C so that you never come back to a cold house.
  • Smart device connectivity allows you to control your ducted air conditioner from anywhere in your home with a simple app. Never again will you have to get out of bed, get off the couch, or leave your productive office space to change the room temperature.

3. Smart design

Daikin’s indoor ducted air conditioning units are specifically designed for compact areas. They will easily fit into tight roof spaces and narrow openings by separating into two sections during installation. They also offer a small condenser which makes placement of the unit much more flexible.
The ducted range is also very aesthetically appealing. Unlike other air conditioners, most of the components are concealed out of sight. This means that the only noticeable elements you will see are the air ducts or the ‘grilles’. The ducting itself will be installed in your ceiling or under the floor, and your outdoor unit will be fitted in a discreet location outside.


If you’re interested in learning more about installing the latest ducted air conditioning system in your home or workplace, contact Star Air Conditioning today!


Image Credit: Daikin / Brochure

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