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Designing Discreet AC Systems for Modern Homes

Designing Discreet AC Systems for Modern Homes
March 12, 2016 Star Air Conditioning

discreet air conditioning

If you experience the hot, sticky Brisbane weather, chances are your air conditioner is probably one of your favourite appliances.


But big, bulky and obtrusive AC units can quickly become an ugly sight in your living room or garden. We take a look at how to conceal your air conditioner units and design modern homes with discreet AC systems.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning solutions are one of the best ways to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home without sacrificing on design or interior style. Almost invisible, most ducted air conditioning systems are installed in your ceiling or under the floor, and distribute regulated air throughout your home through small ceiling vents. The units are compact and small enough to manoeuvre easily into unique spaces and poky holes, and many modern systems, such as Daikin’s ducted air conditioners, can also be separated into sections to make it easier.

Recessed spaces

If you can architecturally adjust your home, designing recessed spaces in walls or fake beams is a great way to minimise the distance your AC unit sits off the wall. When the recessed spaces are strategically placed, you’re able to ‘flatten’ the wall out and create the illusion of a normal wall or beam from certain angles. For example, a recessed hole above an entryway or door is usually a good place because your eye is not typically drawn there.

Custom covers & paint

Air conditioning units come in many colours these days, from cream to grey, red, blue and black, you’re sure to find a solution to match your wall paint. Custom covers are also a great way to customise the look of your AC while providing air flow. Lattice is a good solution for this!

Above your furniture

Placing your air conditioning unit above big furniture pieces, like cupboards, armoires and bookshelves, allows for minimal visual impact. The height of a wardrobe, for example, will help to conceal a sizeable split system unit or ceiling vent. It’s also a good idea to try and match the width of your bookshelf with the width of your AC unit to help streamline your wall and make it look seamless.

Vertical gardens & fencing

To hide your unsightly outdoor air conditioning unit, why not try building a simple fence or lattice wall around it. Vertical gardens are a trending landscape feature right now and a lattice wall offers you the opportunity to grow climbing vines (like jasmine, honeysuckle, snow peas and green beans), or attach a variety of plants in hanging pots (like herbs, succulents, and cacti).


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