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Home safety features to ask about in your new home

Home safety features to ask about in your new home
January 14, 2017 Star Air Conditioning

A lot of time, effort and money goes into buying a new home, which is why it’s so important to protect it!

We’ve put together a list of cutting edge technology that makes up the growing sector of smart home security automation. Find out how you can protect your investments by installing these discreet, yet effective devices.


MyLights allows you to control the lighting in your house through your smartphone. You can customise settings and create moods for specific events or times of the day.

Do you frequently arrive home from work late? Walking from your car to your front door in the dark can be unnerving, but with MyLights you can rest assured that you will always come home to a well-lit house. The MyWelcome function allows you to customise which lights you want to greet you when you come home. Simply hit a button on your smartphone from your car, and you’ll be able to reach your front door safely – no more stumbling down the path in the dark or fumbling for keys.

Scout home security system

Scout is a complete home security system that operates wirelessly through your internet router and is accessible via your smartphone.

The pack comes with a central hub which all devices, sensors and panels are connected to. Access sensors monitor when windows, doors and even draws or cupboards, open and close. Trying to keep the kids out of the liquor cabinet? Have Scout alert your phone whenever it opens!

The Scout system allows you to customise actions and alerts. This is great news if you have a family member who is a little on the forgetful side. Decide whether you want an alarm to go off every time your front door is opened unexpectedly, or whether you want to be alerted on your phone beforehand. Eliminate those frequent annoying false alarms so that you don’t become lax when you actually have a serious security issue.

Nest Protect

Nest protect is another device that works hard to avoid false alarms. A smoke alarm that gives you a verbal heads up when smoke is present before carrying on with loud beeping is much less taxing on the ears.

The Nest Protect sends alerts to your phone even when you aren’t at home. This way you’re able to silence your alarm from anywhere. It can also detect when there is steam present, rather than smoke, so there’ll be no more scurrying from the shower to wave your towel underneath it until it stops beeping!

Master Lock Bluetooth Outdoor Smart Lock

Smart locks are popular for the home, but many people forget that in many cases, their priciest possessions are kept in their garage. For blokes with extensive man caves, who have hobby sheds or a serious supply of power tools, a smart lock is a great way to keep these beauties safe.

If you frequently have mates borrowing your gear, you can share access without cutting tonnes of keys or needing to be home when they pick up or drop off your tools. The Master Lock works on Bluetooth access, and you can create permanent or temporary access to others via your smartphone.

You’ll get instant notifications on your phone when the lock is tampered with, and you can review your access history to see exactly who entered when. It’s even designed with a boron alloy shackle; no one will be cutting through that!

Learn more about MyLights here. For a quote on installation costs, contact Star today!

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