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Innovative Building Materials - Insulated Wall Panels

Innovative Building Materials – Insulated Wall Panels
December 22, 2015 Star Air Conditioning


The future of residential housing is here!

We take a look at insulated wall panels that is enhancing the speed of construction and lowering the cost of buying a new house!

The concept of insulated wall panels has been previously used in commercial building projects, but is becoming increasingly popular for residential homes. With consumer’s demand for increasingly efficient homes, and Australia’s 6-star efficiency requirement for new homes, these insulated wall and roof panels are an intriguing option.

Image source: Dayne Lawrie Constructions

Image source: Dayne Lawrie Constructions

The wall panels are most commonly made from insulating panels sandwiched around a foam core made of expanded polystyrene, extruded polystyrene, or rigid foam. The purpose of these panels is to reduce heat in your home during summer and maintaining warmth during winter reducing the use of air conditioners and heaters. The panels are specifically built for the Australian market and feature the following:

  • Simple composite product with structural and load bearing
  • High performing lightweight insulated core
  • External and internal wall linings ready for rendering/painting
  • Easily engineered for flexible house designs
  • Recycle materials
Photo source: Habitech Wall Panels

Photo source: Habitech Wall Panels

One of the most innovative features is how the walls fit together, saving considerable construction time. The walls, which are all made in the factory, feature a slip joint system using male and female joints that lock in together creating a high performing barrier eliminating air-tight leaks.

The walls are designed to speed the process of construction by providing a faster construction efficiency rate of up to 34% and lowering construction costs by up to 50%. Recently, Queensland University of Technology conducted research into these panels and found that these insulated panels could provide a complete walling solution that can meet and exceed the current and future thermal efficiency requirements of the Building Code of Australia.

As mentioned earlier, there’s more than just insulated wall panels, but also insulated all-in-one roofing panels.Together, the two combine to make an incredible 8-star energy efficiency home! The future of the building industry is here.

At Star Air, we work closely with residential builders and are committed to delivering excellent service around all things Air Conditioning within South East Queensland. If you are looking to build soon and need a competitive quote for your home – then Contact Star Air!

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