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Building Automation Into New Homes: Air Conditioning and Lighting

Building Automation Into New Homes: Air Conditioning and Lighting
October 24, 2016 Star Air Conditioning

New homeowners of this generation are accustomed to smart phones, instant information and increased convenience. Why should this be any different within their homes?

Give homeowners the automation that they want by installing Advantage Air’s MyLights and MyAir systems into newly built homes. These features are fully compatible with most major ducted air conditioning systems, and provide no-fuss installation.

An ad-on that actually adds value

In this busy day and age, convenience is key. Your customers will undoubtedly take advantage of being able to control their home air conditioning via smartphone, from their office, car or the gym. We understand the desire to come home to a comfortable house, especially in the Australian summer. The MyAir system makes these desires a reality.

Security is also a top priority for young families. Being able to control your lighting settings via smart phone means never arriving home in the dark again! Mylights provides homeowners with easy accessibility, peace of mind and increased convenience.

Wow your customers

We assist in training builders on how to use and install any product so that you can really wow your customers with your knowledge. New homeowners are always excited about the prospect of their new home. Having someone at the helm of the building process who knows exactly how everything will work instils them with confidence in their investment decisions.

No fuss installation

We provide floor plans of ducted air conditioning systems and are happy to help you tailor price lists to your client’s specific needs. We are prompt with information delivery and take the guesswork out of time management.

Anticipating your customer’s needs

Home automation is more than just a trend, it’s the future of home technology, soon to be a requirement of a digital lifestyle. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to cater to your customers’ desires – build homes fit for a smarter future!


Contact Star Air Conditioning today to find out more about our home automation offers or discover the benefits of MyAir and MyLights systems on our blog.

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