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Home Builders: Save Time Quoting New Home Air Conditioning

Home Builders: Save Time Quoting New Home Air Conditioning
October 17, 2016 Star Air Conditioning

Sick of the backwards and forwards drama every time your specing air conditioning for a customer? It can all be made easier with Star Air Conditioning!

It can actually be convenient and quick to get a quote on air conditioning for your customers, even including product variations and upgrades. In fact, with transparent communication, efficiency and loyalty, we’ve been able to build long-term relationships with our builders.

Read on to find out how…

Save time with experienced professionals

Working with professionals is a sure-fire way for fast, reliable service, and Star Air Conditioning have experience battling some of the hottest summers in Australian history! We carefully assess what kind of air conditioning will work best in every house so your customers are completely satisfied with their new home!

Pricing at your fingertips

Here’s where you can start to save extra time – we ensure that you always have a pricing you need available to provide on-the-spot quotes to your customers.

No more long waiting periods that frustrate your customer and slow you down! If you have any individual specifications or enquires we are prompt with communication. Need to speak plainly about what you need? Just call Andrew and he’ll make it happen.

Clearly set out upgrade options

If you have to re-speccing and re-quote for every variation, you’re probably thinking it’s not worth the hassle. We understand that time is of the essence, and that’s why we provide clear and concise descriptions of all the specs so you have then on hand.

With upgrade options to present to clients early in your process, it’s never been easier to reach a new level of comfort and luxury in your customer’s new home. Check out our latest MyLights and MyAir products to see how we cater to the new connected homeowner!

Staff training

Selling an intangible benefit like comfort is tough. We get that.

Well, in order to sell something, you need to know how it will benefit your customer. That’s why we provide training for your staff on the specs and advantages of our products. When you are confident with your knowledge, so are your customers!

We sell the product for you!

If your customers need further convincing, or would like to see our air conditioning units in action, we can even demonstrate the product for you!

The new Star Air Conditioning showroom is coming soon, where you will be able to send your customers for product demonstrations. Spend more time on your job by sending your customers to us to answer questions and discuss the advantages of our products in detail.

Long-term relationships that benefit you

Many of our customers are recurring, and this is what we strive for every time a new builder calls us for a job.

Our customers give great referrals – just view our website! We invest time in your business so that you can save time. We provide staff training so that your employees know exactly what they can offer customers without constantly changing quotes and chasing admin for every job. We also provide a wide variety of air conditioning models and brands to cater to each individual home.

Stay tuned by signing up to be notified when we release our showroom opening dates!

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