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Develop Work Culture: Use These Sports Team-Building Activities

Develop Work Culture: Use These Sports Team-Building Activities
September 1, 2016 Star Air Conditioning


At Star Air Conditioning, we’re constantly working as a team to meet common goals and industry standards.


We collaborate with builders, contractors, and property developers across on a broad range of projects, and we know how important it is to have a team you can trust and rely on.

That’s why we love sports (and we find most builders in Brisbane do as well)! And chucking the footy around on a Friday afternoon can help you stay on track, work better as a team, and encourage collaboration

So here are our top 5 activities for a sporty work culture that actually works!


1. Organise a weekend game with your colleagues

Getting together with your workmates outside of your regular working hours is a great way to boost company morale and foster strong relationships. You could:

  • play a game of football in the park,
  • hire a tennis or basketball court for a day, or
  • even just chuck a frisbee around on the beach.

Either way, we think beer and a BBQ is a must!


2. Start a company sports pool

There’s no denying the popularity of a friendly bet. After all, you gotta be in it to win it, am I right? Trash talking each other’s favourite teams and making good-natured bets on which players will score the most goals in a season encourages fun banter, laughter, and inside-jokes. You could get a whiteboard and start a scoreboard, set up dream teams, or even go and see a live match.


3. Join a social club and enter a team

The old saying that a happy workforce is a productive one, is a business philosophy that still rings true today. And, what better way to increase happiness in your workplace than by doing exercise! Whether it’s netball, sword fighting, AFL, rugby, or water polo, joining as a company team in a local sports club is a fantastic way to build trust and friendship.


4. Participate in a charity event together

Charity events like fun runs and walks are the perfect way to infuse fitness and community spirit into your workplace. You could encourage your employees to invite their partners, family members, and four-legged friends, and promote your business with branded hats and t-shirts.

Some great charity fitness events in Brisbane include the Bridge to Brisbane, RSPCA million paws walk, Mater International Women’s Day Fun Run, City 2 South and the Rotary Fun Run.


5. Go on a company retreat or boot camp

Everyone loves a good getaway, especially when it involves athletic activities like rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking and surfing. If you feel like your team is run-down, stressed out, or just plain exhausted, a weekend retreat might be just what the doctor ordered. Boot camps, like this ANZAC themed one at Emu Gully, are also a great way to introduce new employees to your team and help everyone bond more quickly.

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