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Heaters vs Reverse-cycle Air Conditioners - What’s the Better Investment?

Heaters vs Reverse-cycle Air Conditioners – What’s the Better Investment?
June 28, 2016 Star Air Conditioning

Heaters vs Reverse-cycle Air Conditioners - What’s the Better Investment? | Star Air Conditioning

While winters in Brisbane are quite mild compared to other parts of the country, it can get unseasonably chilly at times.


So what’s the best way to heat up your home without racking up a big power bill in the process? We compare the main types of heaters with reverse-cycle air conditioners and see which comes up trumps!

Electric heaters

There are a wide variety of relatively inexpensive electric heaters on the market ranging from oil-filled column heaters and fan heaters, to convection and panel heaters. If you buy a good quality one, electric heaters have a number of benefits such as: being effective for heating small spaces and individual people, they are portable, and some can heat the air in a room evenly and quickly.

However, electric heaters are not recommended as being cost-effective for large spaces or for using over long periods. There is also a safety risk with some models which is something to consider if you have small children.

Gas heaters

For heating medium-sized rooms, gas heaters are generally considered cheaper than electric heaters, but the price of gas may go up in the future. There are two types of gas heaters: flued and unflued. Flued are more expensive but are safer and healthier as the gasses are directed outside. Unflued heaters require a room to be adequately ventilated which results in heat loss and reduces overall efficiency. There can also be issues with condensation and mould due to water vapour being trapped inside.

Reverse-cycle air conditioners

These are the cheapest option for heating large spaces efficiently. The initial outlay and installation is more expensive than an electric heater but, compared to the heat they generate, they cost much less to run (approximately one third compared to electric heaters). This is because reverse-cycle air conditioners take free heat from the air and use it to warm a room rather than burning electrical power.

The heat is also distributed evenly throughout the room so everyone benefits, unlike an electric heater which may only heat the person sitting next to it. Modern air conditioning systems are thermostatically controlled, so rooms stay at a constant temperature and no electricity is wasted by overheating. Air quality is also healthier, due to air-purifying filters, which is extremely beneficial for asthma or hay fever sufferers.


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