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Daikin L Series: The Intelligent Split System Air Conditioner

Daikin L Series: The Intelligent Split System Air Conditioner
October 2, 2016 Star Air Conditioning

Looking for a reverse cycle, split system air conditioner that can practically think for itself? The Daikin L Series is for you!

Some of its spectacular features include:

24-hour weekly timer

The ability to preset up to 4 settings per day means that you can style your air conditioning requirements around your work and life schedule. Change these presets to suit your daily needs so that your whole week is fully customised for comfort!

3D airflow

Hate stepping into that one stuffy section in your room that the aircon doesn’t quite reach? 3D airflow circulates air gently to all corners of your room through the use of the L Series’ vertical and horizontal auto-swing.

Econo mode

Turning on your air con shouldn’t be associated with a skyrocketing power bill. That’s why the L series is fitted with an Econo Mode which reduces the power consumption of the outdoor unit by approximately 30% during start up. And with all the bills you’ll be saving, you could even upgrade your home lighting system to the app-controlled MyLights!

Standby power function

Furthermore, the standby power function allows the efficient energy user to reduce consumption when the system is not in use.

Intelligent Eye

The Intelligent Eye can detect when a room is not in use, and alter the temperature accordingly to reduce power consumption.

Inverter Technology

Daikin’s inverter technology doesn’t permanently run at the same temperature regardless of fluctuating room temperatures, like most split systems. Many of us have that one room in the house that the afternoon sun directly hits. The Daikin caters to problems such as these by adjusting its airflow to maintain an overall room temperature despite outside influences. Stay comfortable and don’t worry about constantly toggling your controls – The Daikin will do the work for you!

DC Fan Motor

Is your AC fan motor not cutting it in the energy efficiency department? Our DC fan motors are designed to provide you with more power for lower running costs. We know that Australian summers are hot, and the DC fan motor gives your air con that extra bit of oomph to beat the Aussie heat without breaking your bank!

Asthma Friendly

Any parent with a child that has asthma knows the stress of sleepless nights spent next to a ventilator. The Daikin L Series is fitted with air purifying filters approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice program. These filters trap most microscopic particles, decompose odours and help absorb and deactivate bacteria and viruses. Your family’s health is your top priority, and we provide only the highest quality air conditioning units to create optimum comfort.

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