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Home Automation for the Modern Home

Home Automation for the Modern Home
October 29, 2015 Star Air Conditioning


The homes of the future will be nothing like today. Even putting aside new building materials and designs, technology will be the other major component that will feature in future homes.

There is already a wealth of gadgets available for the home, but new homes are bound to be built a whole lot smarter. Here’re some common innovations that could revolutionise your new home!


In the age of wireless, you might wonder why you would bother to wire your smart home.  Planning your home with structured wiring can increase your configurability by adding high-speed data points at strategic locations. This can aid troubleshooting of your network, but also gives consistent, high-speed connections for media streaming.  When you think about how far media streaming has come along in the last few years with the introduction of services like Spotify and Netflix, future planning for an ever increasing need for data is essential.


Home automation means more than just turning your lights off remotely or from a central location. You are now able to program your lighting according to a mood setting. Or have your house lights turn on automatically when you drive up the driveway. And by programming your lights to turn off automatically at night you could be saving on electricity.  Think about how much safer your home would be while you are on holidays if your lighting can be turned on and off at the right times to make it seem as though you are still home.

Air Conditioning

Ducted Air Conditioning can pump cool air into every room in your home.  Add a smart hub and you can climate-control separate zones in your home.  Products like the MyAir 5 can even detect motion automatically and decrease or increase airflow to save energy.


Yes, you can even get smart blinds. As part of your lighting or cooling solution, it is now possible to program your blinds to open and close. This can automatically keep your home cool and shaded during hot days and open up in the afternoon before you arrive home.

Bringing it all together

This all might seem a bit futuristic, but it’s already happening. Imagine sitting down for a movie at the end of the night. Push a button on your control panel and the lights dim, the blinds close and your media system fires up. And in some systems your control panel is a smart device, so you can even check your Facebook on it!

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