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Air conditioning options for new homes

Air conditioning options for new homes
December 22, 2016 Star Air Conditioning

Many Australians choose to go the extra mile to install air conditioning in their homes, and for good reason. When you’re making an important investment, you want it to be worth it.

There are a few options for setting up air conditioning in your abode. Of course these options will vary depending on the size, location, and number of people living in your house. Pondering these considerations before buying will ensure you’ve chosen the right air conditioning system for you.

Portable Air Con

If your new home is an apartment or townhouse in a relatively temperate climate such as Melbourne, you may consider investing in a portable air con. You can pick one of these up for approximately $500-1000, depending how much you want to spend on specs. They’re sturdy but can easily be transferred around your house, according to where your windows are situated.

There are, however, some definite cons to a portable air conditioner. For example, they’re significantly noisier than a split system or ducted. They’re also much less energy efficient, and many models specify not to use an extension cord during operation because it will not be able to cope. Installation can be a bit of a hassle; having to connect the portable unit to a window via a duct, for the hot air to be sucked out of your room. This means that you will need to seal up the open part of your window around the duct to ensure cold air does not escape.

Split System Air Con

Many city dwellers living in smaller homes, apartments and townhouses choose split system air cons to cool specific rooms or even an entire apartment if the area is small enough. Split system air conditioning can now enjoy many of the same features as ducted, including timers, eco functions, and remote access via smartphone apps.

Check out the latest Samsung split system; The Triangle, which incorporates the best new features in air conditioning!

If you only tend to use the air con to help you sleep on hot summer nights, a split-system in the bedroom is a great idea. Other common places are the lounge room or dining room; depending where you spend most of your time and when you want to be comfortable during the hottest parts of summer.

You can pick up a quality split system for less than $1000, plus installation from a professional air conditioning company. You aren’t renting, so finding something portable and impermanent is not an issue. We recommend split systems for small homes because they are quiet, many come with eco functions that will save on your bills, and they are efficient when cooling quainter areas.

Ducted air con

Ducted air conditioning is the most popular type of air conditioning for new family homes, especially when they are being built. Did you know that it is more difficult to install ducted into an existing two storey house than it is during the building stages? If you’re considering ducted air con, we recommend planning as part of your build – it will save you time and money!

Ducted enjoys the latest advancements in air conditioning technology. Zoning, motion sensors and remote access are just a few features that will make your home life more convenient. These features will also affect dramatic savings on your electricity bill. Ducted will increase the value of your property if you think you will re-sell in the future and will make back the money you spend on it twofold in the long run.

Better yet, when you install ducted, you can choose from a range of add-ons that will work in conjunction with your air conditioning to increase the smart functions within your home. Check out how MyAir and MyLights complement each other as air conditioning and lights management systems to make your house fully customisable. We live in a new age of technology, so why not embrace it?

Contact Star today to chat to one of our friendly and experienced professionals about which air conditioning system is best suited to your new home.

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