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How to keep every corner of your home cool

How to keep every corner of your home cool
January 3, 2017 Star Air Conditioning

Every home has those little nooks and crannies that make it unique. But sometimes these unique spots can pose a problem when trying to air condition your entire house.

We’ve put together a few helpful tips for you to make the most out of your air conditioning, and ensure all areas of your home can battle the summer heat.


If you’re looking to keep every room and corner of your house cool, ducted air conditioning is the most cost-effective way of doing this. Overworking a split system to try and reach bedrooms across the other side of your home can result in a very high energy bill and the cost of repairing it when it breaks down from overexertion. Strategically placing your ducted vents in each room for optimum airflow is a must, and something your air conditioner installer will assist you with.


Using zoning technology alongside your ducted air conditioning system is a great way to save on bills and ensure you’re only using what you need. Turning off air conditioning in unused rooms will allow your air con to focus on the main areas so that it isn’t pumping out at full capacity unnecessarily.

Remote access

One surefire way to keep all areas of your home cool is to install an air conditioning management system that provides you with remote access. MyAir 5 comes with a smartphone app that will allow you to turn your air con on or off without having to be at home. Turn it on just as you leave the office so that you’re always coming home to a cool house!

Individual temperature control

If you have rooms in your house that tend to get hotter than others in the afternoon or morning when the sun is at its most fierce, individual temperature control is an effective solution for you. Its sensors take into account the change in temperature for the room in question and alter the airflow of the air conditioner to make up for this discrepancy.

Keep blinds shut in west facing rooms

Keeping your curtains and blinds shut across windows and glass doors in west facing rooms in the afternoon will assist in preventing the room from heating up too much when the sun is beating in.

Keep all windows and doors closed

This seems like an obvious one, but if you have a large house, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of which windows and doors are open and closed. If you’ve ever heard your Mother yell “shut the back door, we aren’t air conditioning Australia!” you’ll know what we mean.

Try and get into the routine of doing a lap around the house and closing all open windows every time you hit the on button on your air conditioning. You don’t want any of that luxurious cool air escaping your haven!

Looking to install ducted air conditioning or MyAir 5 into your home? Contact Star today for a quote or helpful advice!

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