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Will a ducted air conditioning system raise my electricity bill?

Will a ducted air conditioning system raise my electricity bill?
March 18, 2017 Star Air Conditioning

One factor that often makes homeowners hesitant about installing ducted air conditioning is energy bill costs.

But ducted is now so advanced in technology that each system incorporates plenty of ways to reduce your electricity intake. If you’re living in a larger house, installing ducted may be an intimidating upfront cost, but it will definitely benefit you (and your wallet) in the long run. Here’s why.

Are you overworking your split system?

If you have a large living room with entryways that are not separated by doors, you’re going to struggle to cool the entire space with only a split system. This means continually running the split system on ‘powerful’ mode, with airflow being pumped at a fast and hard rate. Consistently running your split system on maximum power will chew up tons of electricity and wear it out faster. You need an air conditioning system suitable for the size of your home to reduce those pesky electricity bills.

Zoning will rescue your savings.

Zoning technology is a massive lifesaver for most family homes. It should come hand in hand with ducted systems if you want to get the most out of your air conditioning! Zoning allows you to only pump air to the rooms that are in use. This is particularly handy if you have kids who are so busy, they’re only at home to sleep. Cut the airflow to their rooms when they are at school, to reduce energy costs, then pop it back on just before they head to bed to ensure a comfortable night’s rest. The best part? You still get to enjoy air con wherever you’re situated in the house.

Know how to manage your air conditioning.

MyAir is an air conditioning management system that utilises superior zoning technology. Some zoning systems will only allow you a maximum of five zoned areas, which means that if you have a large house, you’ll be grouping rooms together. Say you have two kids and their rooms are both in the same zone. Josh might be home doing his homework in his room, but Katie is at soccer practice. Katie’s room will be air conditioned unnecessarily if Josh wants his to be cooler.

However, MyAir allows you to zone up to ten spaces so that you can ensure that every room in your home will be a separate zone. Compartmentalising your house with zoned ducted is essential to saving on electricity.

Intuitive technology.

When it comes to eco-technology, ducted air conditioning is leaps and bounds ahead of many other industries. The great thing about systems that care about the environment is that they often care about how much you are saving on bills as well. Motion sensors will reduce your bills and minimise your energy wastage. Sick of keeping track of who is coming and going from room to room in your home? Let your air conditioning system do it for you. Motion sensors will track when someone leaves a room, and alter the temperature accordingly in timed increments of disuse. You don’t have to waste time toggling the temperature on all of the rooms, and there’s no need to waste your money either!

When investing in ducted air conditioning, it’s important to consider the resources at hand to minimise your energy costs over time. These features will give back on the initial cost of the system in no time! Contact Star Air Conditioning to discuss how a ducted air conditioning system will improve your home.

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